Thursday, 2 August 2018

Open Wide bag

Well, I finished my quilt for Capital Quilters' exhibition and handed it in last Saturday.  It was a major relief to get it finished in time.  I can't show you a photo yet, but all will be revealed next weekend. 

If you live in NZ, then do try and make it along to our exhibition at the brand new Lower Hutt Events Centre 11-12 August.  It's going to be a great exhibition with 200 quilts, pop up shops, and a cafe!

So, after I'd finished hand quilting my exhibition quilt, I had a great feeling of freedom and knew I could sew anything I wanted to. 

I started by making a small bag from a pattern I'd purchased at the Sydney Quilt Show.  The pattern is called Open Wide, and it's byAnnie

I used Annie's Soft and Stable in it so it stands up nicely by itself.  Here's a hint - I sewed together small scraps of Soft and Stable, planning where the folds in the bag would occur. I put the seams on the folds and it works perfectly!

I also used a chunky zip because I've always liked chunky zips.  I skipped the internal pockets because I didn't think I'd use them.

This bag will hold my hand piecing or English paper piecing when I go travelling. I've securely attached my tiny travel scissors so they won't fall on the floor in a plane. 

I know some people run these bags up in an afternoon, but I'm fussy and I like everything to be neat, so I took a bit longer and hand sewed down my bindings.

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