Tuesday 29 April 2014

New Plymouth holiday

I'm back from our short trip to New Plymouth, and now enjoying the second week of the school holidays at home. We had a very nice time in New Plymouth, exploring new places. I didn't get much stitching done, but that doesn't matter.

View of Mt Taranaki from our motel - please excuse the power lines!

The major feature of the region is Mt Taranaki, but it was a bit rainy while we were there, so it was often shrouded in cloud.

I managed to visit both quilting shops in New Plymouth and purchased this Christmas Tree mini quilt at one of them. It is a kit with pattern and fabric included. I particularly like the cream and white background fabrics which have a sparkle to them. I may yet substitute some of the greens for some in my stash, but I'll see about that closer to the time of making.

The photo on the pattern is quite dark, but it's rows of 2.5" squares with half square triangles on the ends. Finished size is 28" x 32" so it could be a small wall hanging or table runner.

We also visited Pukekura Park in New Plymouth, where you can often get great views of the mountain. I got the lake and bridge in the photo, but the mountain is covered in cloud.
Pukekura Park

And finally the view from the beach front when we were visiting the skatepark early one morning.
Mt Taranaki in the distance

Sunday 20 April 2014

Gingerbread Bakery progress

My Gingerbread Bakery from The Victoria Sampler is coming along quite nicely.

Gingerbread Bakery
I had set a goal of getting all of the pieces stitched before 1 June, and I think I'm on track for meeting that target. I've done the 4 roof panels and 2 of the 7 sides. I think that I will get quicker now that I've done 2 sides, and figured out the finer details like back stitching around the awnings.

Putting the beads on is always fun, and makes the section feel finished.

I love the large Gingerbread man who sits over the door on this panel. I'm going to assemble the Bakery at the same time as the Candy Cane Cottage.  You can read about it here.

Candy Cane cottage
Then they will both join the Gingerbread house and Church in time for Christmas (hopefully!).

Gingerbread House and Church
It's school holidays in New Zealand and we're going away for a few nights to New Plymouth. I'm going to take two projects with me, but I don't know what the light will be like in a motel at night. I did buy a little portable LED lamp after a recommendation from a friend, so will take that along too.  I've already researched the quilting shop in New Plymouth so will have to fit in a visit somehow!

Saturday 12 April 2014

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are here in Wellington, New Zealand

I think most people in the Commonwealth are aware that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are in New Zealand at the moment, with their baby son, Prince George. They are based in the capital city, Wellington, my home town, and staying at Government House. I drive past Government House every day, but I haven't caught a glimpse of them yet.
the knitted William and Kate I made
Just before William and Kate got married, Fiona Goble released a book called 'Knit Your Own Royal Wedding'. My mum and decided to take up the challenge, and for a bit of a joke we each knitted a William and Kate. They were quite time consuming so we didn't bother with the rest of the family or the corgies, but we now each have a knitted William and Kate.

Unfortunately it's been quite wet in New Zealand since the Royals arrived, however there are some beautiful clear photos of the family on the Daily Mail UK site. Here are some of them:
getting off the plane on Monday

at the Plunket play date at Government House

 Prince George seems to be accumulating presents everywhere his parents go. Yesterday he was given a mini amphibious boat, and today a tiny bicycle. I hope they all enjoy their time in New Zealand.

Wednesday 9 April 2014

Your Place or Mine?- month 7

Yesterday I finished month 7 of the 'Your Place or Mine?' quilt.

(Please excuse the blue tinge in the photos - it rained all day and is still raining now so it's these are the best shots I could get.)

This panel is called the dragonfly garden because it includes three dragonfiles. There's also two cats, a dog, and a llama.

It's one of four long narrow pieces which will run around the central diamond.

Month 8 is sitting here ready to go and I've started cutting the felt for it now. It's a butterfly garden so should be fun to piece.

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Tuesday 1 April 2014

Christmas Ornaments

About six weeks ago I started to make some holiday ornaments using a pattern by Laura J Perin.. You can read my earlier post here.

I've finished the stitching now, and this is what the ornaments currently look like.

Each design is 4.5 inches square on 18 count canvas. I made all of these on one piece of canvas and am now going to cut them out, mount them onto cardboard and turn them into decorations. I'll make a backing from Christmas fabric and put cord around the edges.

These decorations did come out bigger than I had expected, so I decided to make some smaller ones too, measuring just 3 inches square. I mixed and matched the patterns used in the designs above and came up with the follow five smaller ornaments. Please excuse the crinkles in the photos - I didn't want to melt the gold metallic thread with the iron! All will be sorted out when they are mounted onto cardboard.

 Now onto the mounting which might be challenging!
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