Sunday, 19 August 2018

Long arm basting for hand quilting

Some of you have asked for more information about getting quilts basted by a long armer for hand quilting. Here's what I do.

My long armer lets customers bring their own batting and backing, so I tend to do that.  The back needs to be quite a bit wider than the top, so they can attach it to the rails.  Ask your long armer about their requirements before you prepare your backing.

My long armer sews straight rows across the quilt approximately 3" apart.  She uses a big stitch length of 1.5", as shown in the photo above.  The cotton is just regular cotton - I don't even discuss the cotton, I just let them use whatever coloured cotton they like.

She also goes right around the very edge of the quilt so the stitches don't snag and unravel.

Here's another example I had basted on a long arm machine. Again, the rows are about 3" apart.

I love getting my quilts basted by a long armer.  It means that the quilt is centered on the backing fabric, and the tension is just right for hand quilting.

Basting row 3" apart

I hope that answers some of your questions.


Kim said...

I agree about the benefits of having quilts basted by a long-armer. Particularly for anything larger than ~cot sized. It means no wrinkles, the tension for hand quilting is exactly right, that everything stays together perfectly aligned, and best of all.....that I don’t have to crawl around on my knees with a hundred or more safety pins!

Sue Rostron said...

how much dose it cost?

Julie Fukuda said...

That looks like a great alternative to crawling around on the floor ... and a good way to make sure there are no wrinkles on the back. My sister in the states has a longarmer that does her quilts but I have never seen those in Tokyo other than in quilt-show shops.