Monday, 9 April 2018

AQC - Ballet with Kaffe Fassett class with Willyne Hammerstein

I'm back from my class with Willyne Hammerstein at AQC in Melbourne.  I feel very lucky to have met Willyne, and to have seen two of her quilts in real life. I took lots of photos and putting them here on my blog where I can refer to them in the future.

Sharon Burgess (Lilabelle Lane Creations), Willyne Hammerstein, Wendy Welsh - AQC Melbourne, April 2018

Willyne told us a bit about herself, and how she came to be a published author. The editor of QuiltMania (Carol) had heard about Willyne's quilts, and asked if she could come and meet her.  Carol liked what she saw, so she asked if QuiltMania could write a book about Willyne's quilts.  Willyne agreed, and let them photograph her quilts, but she had no involvement in the pattern writing or proof reading.  She only saw the books once they were published.

Willyne's Ballet with Kaffe quilt, published in Millefiori Quilts 2

The first book is just called "Millefiori Quilts" because QuiltMania never expected there would be a second book.  But la passacaglia became very popular, and the first book sold well, so QuiltMania asked for more quilts for a second book.  And now there is a third, and Willyne is currently making quilts for Millefiori Quilts 4.  Yes! There's going to be a fourth book one day.

Willyne is Dutch, and the Dutch people hand piece.  They don't English Paper Piece at all.  Wrapping the fabric around papers is just an unnecessary step in the process to them.  When she is preparing the fabric for hand piecing, Willyne just draws the sewing line and eyeballs the seam allowance when cutting out the pieces. (I don't recommend that for those new to hand piecing!)

Each of Willyne's quilts is hand quilted.  I asked if she uses a hoop and she said, "Yes - always". However, she enjoys the piecing stage much more than the quilting stage.

Most people in the class tried hand piecing.  I didn't try it because my Ballet with Kaffe quilt is already half made with English Paper Piecing.  But I watched and learnt, and I will definitely use hand piecing for my next Millefiori Quilt.

I met lots of members of the Millefiori Quilts Facebook group at the show, including Beryl Cross from Tasmania, Sue Griffiths from New South Wales, Zarina Samsudin from Malaysia, and Sharon Burgess from Victoria.

I hope you've enjoyed these photos. You can see my other posts about my Ballet with Kaffe quilt on the tab at the top of the page.

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