Sunday, 27 August 2017

Ballet with Kaffe progress - and how to sew a 10 pointed star

I've been working on my Ballet with Kaffe quilt for a few months now.

I've started four large rosettes, but I'm only putting seven of the 10 pointed stars on each rosette until I decide on the final layout for my quilt.  I hate unpicking English Paper Piecing, so I like to leave my options open as I make the rosettes.

I also don't cut the pieces too far in advance.  I like to check my plans every step of the way, and frequently change my fabric selections before I get to the cutting stage.

I started with these fabrics above for my most recent two rosettes, but you can see below that after making the centres, I changed my mind slightly for both of them. I used the three fabrics on the right above for each centre, but I changed the next round slightly.

I do believe that it's the attention to small details like this that make my quilts stand out.  Yes, it means I spend hours (or days) dithering over fabric selections, but I don't cut until I'm really sure my fabrics are right.  If I'm not happy with my choices, I keep experimenting.

I love how this centre turned out.  English Paper Piecing makes matching stripes easier than hand piecing.

10 pointed stars

People have been asking me about the 10 pointed stars and how to make them line up properly. Here's my advice:

1.  Make two sets of 5 long diamonds, being sure to stitch right up to the points.

2.  Start from the centre and sew out to one side.  Use Clover Clips to keep the ends aligned.

3.  Then sew out from the centre to the other end.

Mine don't always turn out perfectly, but I know they will look better once the papers have been removed.

I hope this helps some of you struggling to get these stars to line up.

Willyne's third book will be released very soon.  I'm excited to see what new patterns she has come up with.

You can find more information about both of my millefiore quilts on the tabs at the top of the page - la passacaglia and Ballet with Kaffe.


margaret said...

some useful tips here for the EPP, it looks lovely. Had a lovely time watching Kaffe being interviewed on a craft channel a couple of weeks ago then delighted to bump into him at FOQ and have a few words a lovely man. I know the interviews there were 2 of them done by sewing quarter are on utube but not sure how to find them unless they can be found by the date which was 10 august in case you want to listen and watch

Granny Maud's Girl said...

Yes, EPP is great for fussy cutting stripes and the like. Nice work.
You spend ages deciding on fabrics. I sometimes have to spend twice as long choosing fabrics as I forget what I decided the first time. :) I really should take snapshots more often ...

Linda said...

Amazing work, Wendy. I wouldn't have either the patience or ability to tackle such a project so I can just marvel at someone who is able to sew like this. Love the vibrant colours you have chosen.

Kyle said...

Your color choices always amaze me. You have a wonderful sense of color and an awesome fabric collection. Beautiful rosettes.

Frances Meredith said...

Another .... well done

Elizabeth Rivera said...

Wow how does your mind work? Wonderful colors and design. I wish I could go into your mind set as you construct these work of arts.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Wonderful, lots of Kaffe colour here! Thanx for the EPP tips. I'm curious, do you have a ballet in mind for inspiration?

Joan said...

Your rosettes are amazing and the colour choices are wonderful! Love them!

Julie said...

I've been muttering about my ice cream soda centre not matching up, tried your way and had a much better result. Thank you, glad to hear that once the papers are out they always look better too.

Rene' said...

Your quilts are so stunning! I can see why taking the time to select just the right fabrics makes such a difference. I haven't been brave enough to tackle such a project with EPP yet for this reason. I am currently enjoying a scrappy EPP project though in the meantime. Thanks for sharing your tips!

Chantal Thibodeau said...

Good luck with all the 10 points stars you will have to make. I'm the middle of that project. I did one star with the paper, the switch to tracing lines and hand sewing on them. It is much more easier for me. And more accurate. Lookong forward to follow your project.

marie-thérèse 78 said...

hello Wendy, your quilt are wonderful; thank you for your advices; I received yesterday the book and I begin to make my fabrics selection; I choose as focus fabric to harmonize the others the fabric "slendor" on dark blue (Amy Butler I think)to make this selection easier; could you tell me how much 10 pointed stars pieces are possible in a fat quarter?
excuse me for my very bad english; I was a mathematics teacher living near Paris and a I am thirthy years ago quiltmaker
Have a good day

Dawne and Dale said...

This was very helpful Wendy, thank you for directing me here!! I basted my tiny stars last night and will be working with them tomorrow. Yay. I bookmarked this page for future reference!! Dawne Brooks