Tuesday, 5 September 2017

William Morris and Michele Hill

Last week the Craft and Quilt Fair came to town and we were very fortunate that the organisers decided to bring a special guest this year - Michele Hill from Adelaide, Australia.

Michele is world famous because of her love of William Morris and his designs.  Michele has designed fabrics, lead tours to UK, designed quilts and published books - all focused on William Morris and his designs.  You can find Michele's blog here - William Morris and Michele.

I haven't made any of Michele's patterns myself, but my mum has made two and would have loved to have seen her quilts up close.

The details in Michele's applique are amazing when you get up really close.

I enjoyed see Michele's design process, and studying her sketches.

I also attended Michele's special lecture where she spent one hour showing us many photos from her William Morris tours through England and Iceland. I can tell that the tours would have been a lot of fun because Michele is a very happy person.

Michele is retiring from teaching at the end of this year, but she is going to lead some very special William Morris tours in Adelaide, Australia, next year.  Adelaide has the largest collection of William Morris memorabilia outside of the UK. You can find out more about the tours here.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I have made one of Michele's quilt and correspond on a regular basis with her - I really wish I could have taken a class or tour with her but just live too far away - I'm glad I found her blog some years ago!

margaret said...

how lucky to see these magnificent quilts such a talented lady

Michele Hill said...

Oh my gosh Wendy...thankyou! Lovely to meet you in person too! x

Anonymous said...

Fabulous quilts, Amazing detail.

Alison said...

Michele is such a sincere person. I was in one of her classes here in 2012 and at the end she threw out a general invitation to anyone who might be coming to Adelaide to get in touch. We planned a holiday to South Australia around that invitation. She met us, escorted us through the art gallery, drove us around for the day and arranged a very special visit to an exclusive hotel to view a commissioned quilt of hers. She is a special person indeed - and Larry is a honey too.