Friday, 17 September 2021

Material Girl

I have another finish to share with you today.  

This is "Material Girl", a quilt that I started in a class with Anna Maria Horner back in November 2019, in Wellington, New Zealand.  It's based on Anna Maria's pattern called Cross Country. 

My plan was to use a lot of Anna Maria Horner's fabrics in this quilt, but somehow I gravitated back to my Kaffe Fassett favourites as you can see below!

I spend so long dithering over what to put in the large side triangles.  I eventually decided on Cactus Flower by Kaffe Fassett and I'm very pleased with that decision. 

I decided not to hand quilt this quilt.  Instead, I took it to my friend Rayna Clinton of Tui Song Quilting in Wellington, and together we chose a flowing edge to edge design.

Now that it's finished I can see that the quilting almost disappears due to the highly patterned fabrics, so I'm very glad that I didn't choose to hand quilt it. 

I do LOVE the back. It's a Kaffe Fassett wideback called Full Blown.

The Cross Country pattern has three major variations.  Anna Maria carried all three quilts to New Zealand to show us - plus more!

I instantly knew that I liked the third variation, so that's the one that I chose to make. I like to have lots of different fabrics in my quilts, and the third variation allowed for that. 

I started off with this centre in the class:

But when I got home I struggled to extend it out, so I started again with this centre and it felt much more natural for me. I do like to challenge myself to try different things, but sometimes I just have to give up and go with what I know will work. 

Here's a link back to my post on the class I attended in November 2019 with Anna Maria Horner. Click here

Finished size is 72" x 72" 

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Gretchen Weaver said...

Pretty, Pretty, Pretty! Your quilts are always so bright and happy, happy stitching!

Turid said...

This is so beautiful. And I really love your fabric choice. Have a nice weekend!

Cathy said...

I like the third variation of AMH's quilt too. And your version, of course!

Chookyblue...... said...

That's a beautiful quilt......
I like seeing her 3 versions.... It's amazing just by choice of fabric placement how different quilts can look.......

FlourishingPalms said...

I remember when you took that workshop with Maria. Seems so long ago, given how the world has changed since then. I adore this quilt! Dare I say it? Your attraction for AMH and Kaffe fabrics is beginning to grow on me! :-) I've never been fond of floral prints, but I can certainly appreciate the brilliant colors you've smushed together for this quilt. Like you, I also think you made the right decision to have the quilt quilted for you, rather than spend time hand stitching... it wouldn't show. It's a lovely quilt, Wendy. Once again, you're making beautiful color and design choices.

taazeem said...
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yyjjj said...
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