Friday 31 May 2019

Marshal Mystery quilt - and the Peacock Party

This weekend my husband and I are off to Auckland because my eldest son is graduating on Tuesday. He is has completed a Bachelor of Software Engineering, majoring in Game Programming.  He has a job already and is putting all his skills to work as an Interactive Developer.

Our younger son is also studying for a Bachelor of Engineering, majoring in Software Engineering, but he is studying at a different university.

My kids don't like me talking about them on my blog, but we are very proud of both of them.

Graduation in New Zealand tends to start with a parade down the main street of the major cities, and then the graduates and their families file into the Town Hall for the ceremony. This is repeated three or four times over a week, until all of the faculties have held their ceremonies. Not everyone can fit into the town halls at once.

I've been working on Month 2 of Jen Kingwell's Marshal Mystery quilt from QuiltMania magazine.  This week I've been appliquing circles and donuts onto background fabrics.  I've still got a long way to go, but I'm doing a few each night.  Some are turning out more symmetrical than others.  The one on the yellow background below has some issues and may need to be redone.  One side is thicker than the other.

I've just realised that I never shared Month 1 of the Marshal Mystery quilt, so here's my centre block.  I'll write a full blog post when I've finished all of the Month 2 blocks.  I chose to hand piece this, and I probably sewed every seam about 4 times, but hey, it's finished and it lies reasonably flat.

It's time for another Peacock Party.  I'm always interested to see what other people are working on.  I hope you enjoy finding new quilters through the Peacock Party.

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Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I had not heard of this mystery quilt that you are working on I will need to see if I can find it - it looks great - congrats to your sons

Anonymous said...

Many congrats to your son! Quite an interesting way to celebrate - it’s awesome! In America the celebrations are confined to the college campuses. I love the two projects you shared. That Marshall Mystery center block is fabulous!

Thanks for hosting Wendy! I finally got smart enough to check the box that so replies will go to my email. I think this is what you were trying to tell me several weeks back.

Soma @ said...

Many Congratulations to you son! The graduation ceremony in New Zealand is so different than here in the US. Your circles and doughnuts are lovely. I really like the leaf fabrics. The block from Marshal Mystery quilt looks wonderful. Great job hand piecing it!!


Julie said...

I remember meeting up with you when your son had just started university. How time flies. Is he staying in Auckland? Your quilt blocks are looking lovely, I love circular patterns.