Friday, 21 December 2018

A Christmas Peacock Party

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Gingerbread Needlework Shop.  I know it didn't have to be finished for Christmas, but I had set myself a goal, and I don't like admitting defeat.  If it wasn't finished now, it might have sat unfinished for another whole year!

It's summer time in New Zealand, so we don't need Christmas quilts, but I did enjoy making this one a few years ago.

Oh! Christmas Tree - pattern by Wendy Williams

Last year I made this Holiday Patchwork Forest quilt from crazy scraps in my drawers.

Holiday Patchwork Forest

And this Flocks by Night also by Wendy Williams.  I love doing wool felt applique.

Flocks by Night

It was a busy year in 2017 because I also made this quilt from Tula Pink's Holiday Homies fabric.

Holiday Homies

Anyway, onto the Peacock Party.  Thank you to everyone who has linked up so far.  I've had a few messages asking how to link up, so I'm going to set out the process for those who have never linked up before.  Once you've done it once, it will be easy the next time.

1.  Check that the link up party is still open - Look for the blue InLinkz button and it will either say "Add your link" or "Link up has closed".  If it's still open there is often a statement saying how many days or hours there are remaining to link up.

2.  Select the blog post from your blog that you want to link up - it must be a specific post, not your whole blog.  Click on the title of your blog post to get the specific web address in your browser, and then highlight it and copy it
It doesn't have to be your most recent blog post, it can be an older one.

3.  Come back to the link up and click on the "Add your link" button.
URL or Link - the web address of the post from your blog that you want to link up (as described in point 2 above)
Caption or Title - Your name, or the name of your blog, or the title of your post
Email - your email address (no one can see this - it's perfectly safe to enter it)

Then you chose the image you want to display in the link up.  Sometimes it's the first image in your blog post, sometimes it's something else.  You can chose.

4.  You might have to tick a box to say you agree to the terms and conditions, but then you can go back to the main post and check your image and link are showing.

If you have problems, just send me an email and I'll see if I can help.

I'm looking forward to seeing what everyone has been up to.


Marly said...

I now went through the email log-in procedure, which shouldn't be necessary from a Blogger account, and have linked-up the post I tried to link two weeks ago. I also tried now to link up another post, from this week, but couldn't. When I pressed the button "add your link" I saw the info from my first link; when I overwrote them with the second info, the photos didn't come up. Teething problems, I expect.

Marly said...

Sorry! I tried again and it's working now. I think I must have forgotten to remove the original URL! How absent-minded can I get!

Julie Fukuda said...

I especially love that tree with the birds and bright colors.

FlourishingPalms said...

It's so interesting that you make Christmas quilts, even though Christmas falls during your warm weather summer months. Living in a warm climate as I do now, I don't have any Christmas quilts. I guess I've never made one because they have such a limited using/viewing time. But yours are certainly gorgeous! Any quilt made with bright colors attracts my attention. :-)

Susan said...

Very pretty Christmas quilts - I bet you love having them out every year!

Sue said...

Love all your Christrmas quilts Wendy, and its great to see them again.

Connie said...

We are spending a shut-in flu bug Christmas. So, I am entertaining myself by finding some new and inspiring quilting blogs to follow. Yours is magnificent. So much inspiration.
Your newest follower, Connie :)