Friday 10 March 2017

Embroidery progress

My first embroidery class of 2017 started at Nancy's Stitch Studio two weeks ago.  (I'm a student, not the teacher.)

It's called Textured Floral Extravaganza and we are going to cover a lot of different techniques.

Just part of the class sample designed and stitched by our tutor, Ann Marie Moorehead

I chose my feature thread first (the hand dyed Stef Francis verigated thread) and then dyed my fabric green to match it.  Although the class sample is beautiful and subtle, I couldn't imagine stitching beige on beige myself.

In the first lesson we started to stitch the stem of the flowers with raised stem stitch.

We also learned how to basket weave some leaves with coton a broder. This leaf will be finished off with whipped chain stitch around the outside.

same fabric - different lighing

When I left my class I saw some wild lilies growing on a bank, and was pleased to find my colour scheme replicated in nature - always a good sign that colours work together.

I've also been plugging away on my peacock tapestry cushion. It's very nearly finished.  I'm going to take it away next weekend when we go to Tauranga for a work social weekend.  I remember working on it in Rotorua at last year's social weekend, so it would be fitting to finish it at the 2017 social weekend.

And I'm also trying to do a bit each month on A Treasured Time by Dimensions Gold.  I would really like to have it framed for Christmas 2017.


D1-D2 said...

I understand what you mean about stitching beige on beige. I can see myself stitching white on white, but beige!? I like your color choices. It looks like a beautifully textured design.

Michele Hill said...

That class looks wonderful Wendy......just what I could do with right now!

margaret said...

what a beautiful design you are working on and the threads chosen are lovely.It reminds me a bit of crewel work but done in different threads. Peacock is looking splendid and treasured time progressing well.

Wendy said...

the class sample is beautiful, and judging by what you have stitched so far, yours is going to be even more beautiful.

Barb said...

What beautiful needlepoint and embroidery!

Unknown said...

Just beautiful! It appears that your fabric is basted. Have you layered it with something?

Linda Fleming said...

How pretty! An interesting 3-d effect with those stitches. Love the colors you have chosen too.
Do you have an embroidery book you would recommend? I used to embroider many moons ago and would love to dabble again.

Kyle said...

Your work is beautiful and the class project will be awesome, especially with the colors you've chosen.

JanineMarie said...

The class sample is soothing, but your project will be lively and more you--how neat that you found your colors on your way from class.