Wednesday, 22 March 2017

A trip to Tauranga

Last weekend I went to Tauranga for a work social weekend and it was great! The weather was warm, and the sun shone for all three days.

We stayed at Trinity Wharf hotel.  The infinity pool looked beautiful, but it wasn't heated, so was very cold (so I was told).

The view from the hotel.  The bridge going to Mt Maunganui.

Another view of the pool.

On Saturday morning we walked around the base of Mt Maunganui.  That took about 45 minutes.

Then we went to a cafe right opposite the gorgeous surf beach.

On Sunday morning we went to Mills Reef winery for some wine tasting.  The grass was so green, and the sky was so blue - another perfect day.

We had an interesting discussion at the wine tasting about Geographical Indications (GIs).  I work for the NZ Institute of Patent Attorneys and New Zealand is about to introduce 27 GIs for wines and spirits.  The regime will provide name protection for wine growing regions such as Gimblett Gravels in Hawkes Bay where this award winning syrah (shiraz to some) comes from.
Today I have to survey our members and find out where we want to go next year!


Sandi said...

Looks like an inspiring getaway to work on new projects. Too bad the pool wasn't heated, lovely view.

Julie said...

Looks as though everyone would have had a fabulous time.

Linda said...

We flew to Tauranga on 7th March. Had three nights near Whakatane, followed by three nights at Bowentown, getting together with four lovely friends. We had a great time, of course, but hit that awful period of rain. Fortunately not flooded out but it was VERY wet! On our way back to the airport we we're taken through Mt. Manganui, somewhere we had all visited about 9 years ago. And the sun came out and the sea was full of surfers, exactly as shown in your photo. Glad you had fine weather!

Schulz Family said...

Wow, I want to work where you are if that is what you get for team building. Amazing, love the Mount.