Thursday, 10 November 2016

Auckland Festival of Quilts - Aotearoa Quilters' Yellow challenge

Aotearoa Quilters' Yellow Challenge mini quilts were also on show at the Auckland Festival of Quilts.  "Aotearoa" is the Maori word for New Zealand.  It means land of the long white cloud.

Some of you may remember that I was so impressed by the Green Challenge last year, I vowed to enter a mini quilt this year, regardless of what the colour was. Well, I was true to my word, and made a yellow mini quilt.

my mini is top right in this photo

I decided to modify a la passacaglia rosette to make the sun against a blue sky. I hand quilted radiating lines out from the sun.

It's nice to think I had a mini in the exhibition.  The skill and artistry that went into some of them was amazing.  Here's some of my favourites - I don't know the makers sorry:

by Anne Lunn of Kerikeri

by Mathea Daunheimer

And here's another look at mine.

 I wonder what next year's colour will be!


Julie said...

There were some amazing pieces in that exhibition. Meant to let you know I had seen your entry too. How does one compete in this?

Alenushka22222 said...

Very beautiful works! Thank you for possibility of them to see!)))

margaret said...

lovely blocks yellow is such a cheerful colour, liking the blues with yours too

Susan A said...

Thanks so much for sharing the pictures....wonderful!!!!!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said...

Those are beautiful .. a wall of sunshine. How many little quilts were there? Thanks for sharing your quilt show photos.

Anonymous said...

My favourite colour!

Charlotte Scott said...

Didn't they look fab?! I loved seeing them all together. Mine wasn't there because it sold and they decided not to put photographs up of the ones that sold like they did last year. Oh well. I know two of the quilts you have pictured - the bottom one 96 is made by Mathea Daunheimer who's blog is Esparta Fiber Arts and 45 is made by Anne Lunn, a Kerikeri club member and she'll be stoked to know it made your roll call!

Kris said...

How super fun is this?? All in the same color way!! Love it and your little mini is darling!!

Patricia Hale MD, PhD said...

Yours is lovely - I also adore the yellow submarine! What a terrific exhibit and such great talent and optimism!!!!

Granny Maud's Girl said...

Yours looks so sunny!
I love the idea of a challenge simply being a colour. The creative possibilities are endless.
One day, I will enter something like this - when the guilt of other WIPs has eased a bit.