Saturday, 19 November 2016

Garden photos from Auckland

I couldn't help noticing how green everything was in Auckland last weekend.  They do have a lot of rain each year, and that combined with the warmth and humidity makes the Auckland climate sub tropical.

Cabbage tree on the left - Cordyline australis

I took a few photos of the plants in mum's garden to share with you.  But first I just had to get out the green quilt we made together and take another photo of it against the green backdrop of the park.

You can read more about this quilt here.

Now onto the plants.  This is just some of the interesting things that grow well in Auckland.  I don't know the names to everything, but will add labels where I can.

Orchids - which grow outdoors in a pot, in a sheltered area.

The view over the fence to the reserve next door.

It won't be that green when we go back for Christmas, but it certainly looked nice at the start of November.


Tawa said...

Love the green quilt, and isn't it wonderful to see so much green after a long, cold winter. Hope you got through the earthquake okay.

margaret said...

your garden looks so colourful and beautiful. Never seen a cabbage tree before liking that too. Love the green quilt remember seeing it on your blog earlier thinking maybe I will have to get the jelly roll book, have the K & S show next weekend so added it to my list to check it out

Dasha said...

Your mum has a lovely garden, and what a bonus to have that reserve next door. Love the bench in the corner.