Sunday, 3 May 2015

Where am I up to with my quilting?

Way back in December I wrote down some plans for 2015. The overriding aim was to Sew My Stash in 2015.  By that I meant to finish some of those things that I had already bought.  At first that might sound boring, but I actually still love the things in my stash, they just haven't risen to the top of the to-do list yet.

Was this on my list for 2015? NO.

To help me remember what I wanted to achieve in 2015, I wrote two lists - one for quilting and one for embroidery.  I know it's not the end of the quarter, or the six month mark, but I feel I need to assess where I'm up to on those lists.  At the moment I feel thinly spread across many projects, and not finishing anything. Earlier this week I started to think that I might not even make a serious dent in the lists in 2015 and might have to carry them into 2016!

So here's what I wrote on my quilting list back in December 2014:

1.  Your Place or Mine. I've finished the top - just waiting for the machine quilter to return from holiday.

2.  Halloween mini - done

3.  Kaffe Christmas tree - done

4.  Mini medallion - done

5. la passacaglia - started and really enjoying it. There's no rush with this one. I always knew it would take time because it's English Paper Pieced, am I'm spending an age chooosing the perfect fabric for each rosette.  I'm not alone in that - I'm part of the Millefiori / la passacaglia group on Facebook, and everyone talks about how hard it is to choose the fabrics for this quilt.

6.  Stacks of colour - no hand quilting yet, but it is on my Q2 Finish along list, so I'll hopefully start it this quarter.

7.  Possum Magic - I'm still keeping up with our Possum Magic round robin. There's just two more quilts for me to work on, and then I'll get my own quilt back in June / July.

8.  Women of the Bible - it's still progressing in fits and starts. I'm up to date with it again now. Here'a photo I took at the weekend. This isn't the final order, I just laid them out for a photo to make myself feel better about it. It's a large project spread over 42 weeks. The shop only release 2 patterns every second week.

9.  Wendy Williams Christmas Tree and 10. Folded Star haven't been started yet.

new additions in 2015:
11. Bear paw quilt for Capital Quilters' 30th Anniversary. I'm loving these blocks and could drop everything else and work on these, but I'm being good.

I guess overall I'm not going too badly, and there are still 8 months of the year left.  I see lots of tempting patterns and designs everyday, but I'm trying to be strong and resist temptation.  I'm thinking about starting my list for 2016 already, starting with the Jen Kingwell pattern in the latest QuiltMania.  The magazine hasn't made it to NZ yet, but I've seen photos of the pattern and I love it.

My embroidery list will follow tomorrow - I fear it's in a worse state than my quilting list.

I'm linking up with Sew Cute Tuesday and Crazy Mom Quilts.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

how lovely! and even though the Bear Paw is a simple pattern looking at this one makes it a favorite and I am thinking I might need to add it to the list of simple quilts to make

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Wow, you have made great progress on your goals for the year already! I have to admit that I look forward to seeing how everyone adds to the Possum Magic round robins each month, and I will miss it when you all finish up! :)

Marly said...

The bear paw is beautiful, and I'd say you've made good progress. Your projects are all so big and EPP is so slow. Don't beat yourself up!

Julie said...

So much colour in your completed and to do list. They all look great.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Lots of lovely projects here! And as you say there's still 8 months left, so 'don't panic mr mannering!' Your Bears Paw is certainly looking wonderful, I'd easily get sidetracked with that one too!

margaret said...

looks like you have done lots and lots to me, so mnay lovely projects, have to own up to not having done one of my Women of the Bible bocs, think I will wait till I have them all downloaded then start!! well that is my excuse anyway. The bear paw is looking wonderful and I assume only one block to do now.

Helen@Till We Quilt Again said...

You are the Productive Queen in my book! When I am working on several it seems slow but then something shifts and they all get done one by one!

Wendy said...

but you're doing brilliantly on your list! You've achieved so much and are definitely on target to finish this year (except maybe La Passaguila, but that's not a problem). Just keep doing what you're doing as it's working.

Sue said...

Love your blog Wendy. Just found it through Karen @ Quilts. The crochet and the quilting is fabulous, as of course the stitcheries are. :-)

Jane from Lil Pip said...

My goodness I LOVE that bear paw quilt. Visiting from Blossom Hearts Sew Cute Tuesday. Very inspiring for me as a new quilter. Thank you x

Ruth said...

I think you are making good progress - every little helps as they say on the Tesco adds! I can see why you want to drop everything and work on the bear paw - love those colours!

Zafira Vaxevanidou said...

Lots of great projects finished! Well done! Love the Bear Paw quilt....

Allison said...

All very beautiful WIP's... I really like the Your Place or Mine and I'm sure this will look amazing once it's quilted. I'm also really drawn to the Bear Paw quilt... besdies, who says you have to be good?!? I find that if I work on what I'm inspired to do it is better in the long run... the projects I force myself to do don't end up looking as nice as when I am inspired to do them. Good luck on your finishes!

Greetings from Germany!

Nana said...

Lots of lovely finishes. Love the bear claw.