Thursday, 30 April 2015

Ripple Blanket

My crochet ripple blanket is finished, just in time for winter.

On my son's bed to show the size

I started to become aware of crochet again in the lead up to Christmas last year.  I saw that Jane in Sydney (@queen_babs on Instagram) was asking for people to make purple crochet mandalas for a yarn bombing event to raise awareness of fibromyalgia.  I thought it was a great idea, so I crocheted 3 mandalas for her and sent them off.  You can read my blog post about them here.

Ripple blankets made m by my Nana after she'd had a stroke

Then I started to see people making beautiful crochet rugs. They reminded me of the rugs my Nana crocheted 40 years ago.  Internet searching led me to Lucy, of Attic24 fame,  Lucy is a very popular crocheter. She provides great instructions on how to make her patterns, and has lots of photos to help along the way.

Lucy released a new pattern towards the end of last year called the Cosy Blanket. Some people in the northern hemisphere started a crochet along, but it was too hot for those of us "down under" to crochet in our summer, so we tried to hold off until 1 March.  Of course we all love a new project, and with my wool sitting there I just had to make a sneaky start in February when I came down with a cold.

I added the optional border to stop the rug from stretching

You'll notice that I didn't make the Cosy blanket after all, but instead I used Lucy's Ripple Blanket pattern to make a new, bigger version of those ripple blankets my Nana made all those years ago.

I've used Cleckheaton California 100% wool by Australian Country Spinners. It says it's double knitting (8 ply) but I feel it's thicker than that, so I used a 5mm hook.  I just love the verigated wools. There's some new colours now that weren't available when I bought my wool, but I'm happy with what I used.

This rug is really for my side of the bed at nights. In winter I need more blankets than my husband, and this pure wool blanket will ensure that I keep warm.

Of course there was wool left over, so I've started a second blanket using another one of Lucy / Attic24's patterns. This time I'm doing a hexagon crochet blanket.  I've bought 2 new balls of the new verigated colours, but otherwise I'm just using what I already had.  I'll show you that one next week when I've done a few more hexagons.

I'm linking up with Crazy Mom Quilts and Sew Cute Tuesday.

This rug was the first item on my Finish Along List for Q2.


Lorraine said...

This is just fabulous Wendy!

Maryse said...

I love this, makes me want to make one!!

margaret said...

you will certainly be warm and cosy wrapped up in the lovely blanket in the winter

Marly said...

Beautiful blanket! I'm tempted to start one too, but it's the "when would I finish?" that worries me.

Wendy said...

it's a gorgeous blanket, great choice of colours. You whipped it up pretty quick too! I was a bit confused at first at you referring to them as rugs, over here a rug is something you put on the floor.

Anonymous said...

What a lovely bright blanket, just right to keep you cosy!

Her Indoors said...

Your blanket looks so cosy and colourful. I taught myself to crochet from the internet last year. I found it too painful as I have fibromyalgia but I hope to try again. Love your purple mandalas too.

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

I love your blanket Wendy. Colorful!

Jessica said...

The ripple blankets are so pretty!

Mrs Milkybar Kid said...

Just awesome Wendy - you are too talented lol!

Granny Maud's Girl said...

I am torn between admiring it and green envy that your lovely blanket is finished and I still have at least 40 hours of knitting to do. I should have crocheted. I should have crocheted. I should have crocheted!

Raewyn said...

Love it Wendy, another beautiful finish! (And great timing too as the weather changes.) I made one of Lucy's ripples too and am so happy with it.