Saturday, 16 May 2015

Kapiti Quilters' Exhibition

Today I went to an exhibition put on by Kapiti Quilters.  The Kapiti Coast is a beautiful seaside area, about 30 minutes drive north of where I live in Wellington.  The exhibition was at Southwards Car Museum, so my husband and son inspected the cars, while I inspected the quilts.

This beautiful mini quilt by Sandra Killin really does reflect what the country side is like at Kapiti.  Those plants at the front are toitoi, a New Zealand native pronounced toitoi.

Oh, it's the same area as I went to at Easter when my parents were staying with us, and we went to the beach that day too.  You can see those beach photos here. This was my view at lunch today - that's Kapiti Island, a nature reserve.  Ignore the skatepark in the foreground.

I was really taken by the mini art quilts on display today.  I think that's what I want to focus on once I get my current WIP pile under control.  I haven't previously been drawn to art quilts, but maybe my tastes are changing, because I really liked a lot of what I saw today.  Here's some of my favourites. None of these were more than 40" high, and the square ones were about 20" x 20".

Bamboo by Robyn Burch - I love the lime green

by Judith MacDonald - 150 tiny blocks all foundation paper pieced

by Sheryl Meech

by Beryl Stevenson

Green Fire by Judy Boyle

by Bobby Duncan

by Robyn Burch

Colour Play by Paulette Meldrum

These quilts have so much detail packed into very small spaces.  They were just beautiful.


Terry said...

Wow, very colorful mini's, some quite unique. Looks like you had a day that made everyone happy.

Raewyn said...

Thanks for sharing these gorgeous quilts! My (Plimmerton) daughter had suggested I visit this weekend so I could catch the show but the dates didn't work for me - shame, it looks like is was a beauty!

Vonna, The Twisted Stitcher said...

Oh my word...those are just stunning and I can't get over how people can get material to do that! :)

lelandavestudios said...

Very interesting! Thanks for sharing! I love seeing how people put together "art quilts".