Gingerbread Village

This is my beautiful Gingerbread Village that I have stitched from patterns designed by Thea Dueck of Victoria Sampler in Canada. I started making this village in 2012 and have added one or two each year since then.

I get a lot of questions about this village and my experience making it, so I'm providing links to all my blog posts here.

Dec 2013 - The Gingerbread House and the Gingerbread Church

April 2014 - Gingerbread Bakery progress

15 August 2014 - assembling the Bakery

17 August 2014 - The House, the Church, the Bakery and the Candy Cane cottage all finished

August 2015 - Gingerbread Haunted House is finished

Nov 2015 - Finishing tips

Nov 2015 - the village to date, including the Haunted House

Dec 2015 - the Christmas Tree Etui

Dec 2016 - the Gingerbread Quilt Shop

Dec 2018 - the Gingerbread Needlework Shop

Now I'm ready to make the Gingerbread Retreat Cottage and the Gingerbread Flower Shop.

I buy my hand dyed antique almond Cashel linen from Anita Little Stitches in Texas, USA. It's 28 count and you can find it here.

The Gingerbread Village patterns are available from some local needlework shops, or or directly from The Victoria Sampler.   Anita Little Stitches stocks some of the patterns too. 

I strongly recommend buying the accessories packs when you buy the patterns. The special beads and buttons are part of what makes these houses so beautiful.

Gingerbread House

Gingerbread Church

Gingerbread Bakery

Candy Cane Cottage

Gingerbread Haunted House

Gingerbread Christmas Tree Etui

Gingerbread Quilt Shop

Gingerbread Needlework Shop

the biscornu and scissor keep

a little stocking decoration


Shobana Thampan said...

Thank you for the finishing tips. The visual guide is great! How do you feel about the quilt shop pattern? My concern is that it does not fit into the "Village" concept and it would look out of place.

RachelA said...

Wendy, these are just exquisite! Thanks for sharing, I have never seen them before. I gave up cross stitch years ago (when patchwork and now quilting took over) as I was bored with the designs, but maybe I need to have a look again! I am always on the look out for things to do sitting in the evening. My La Passa is way off being finished, but I have almost put the last stitches in the 4th large rosette, so feel I am on the downward slide now. That's the theory until I look at and count how many small rosettes there are!!!! I'm loving doing it and have taken great inspiration from yours and your mother's quilts. I love to see what you are always working on.Thanks again for sharing so much. Off to have another closer look at all the detail on these houses.

Racheal said...

Hi, What size are the houses roughly, i'm trying to get some perspective of them.

Kim said...

I rarely succomb to using the now over-used word "awesome," but these truly are awesome. Eye feast, not just candy!