Friday, 3 April 2020

My Kantha pouches

I finished my Kantha quilting challenge for this week.  A couple of weeks ago I told you I was experimenting with Kantha quilting for an Aurifil Artisan challenge here.

Well, I finished my panels and I turned them into Openwide pouches (pattern by Noodlehead here).

I love the easy, relaxed look of Kantha quilting, and I enjoyed making these bags.  I'm definitely going to use this technique again in the future. The joy of Kantha quilting is that you don't have to draw lines and precise - it's meant to look rustic.

Just a reminder - I used Aurifil 12wt in contrasting colours.  I even used the variegated threads and they look good against the Kaffe Fassett Fabrics too.

I chose to make the medium size pouch, because that allowed me to get two pouches out of one fat quarter (with another for the backing, and a third for the lining).

Once I'd finished quilting my panels I knew that I needed to secure the threads, so I machine stitched just inside my cutting lines with a short stitch length.  Only then did I cut up my fat quarter into panels for the bags.  I didn't want my lovely Kantha quilting to unravel!

I chose some other cheery Kaffe Fassett prints for the lining. I like the interiors of my bags to be light colours so I can find my stuff in there!

So, there you are.  Two quick and relatively easy Open Wide Pouches made from Kantha quilted panels.  I encourage you to give it a go.

Updated: I bought the zips from Studio Mio in Australia -

I've made this pattern previously, and it makes a great pouch for when you want to take some hand stitching along with you. 

What have you been up to this week?  Feel free to share a recent blog post below.

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Melva said...

Love that big stitching. I don't get along with zippers, but I am sure I could find another use for such a piece.

FlourishingPalms said...

Hi Wendy! Glad to see you stitching away. Your pouches turned out beautifully! They'll be so useful for carrying quilt-y projects. Actually, I have a Noodlehead pattern cut out of linen - the free pencil case - ready for some big stitch/Kantha hand stitch. But, I've got so many projects going that I'm jumping from one to another, and not finishing any of them. However, several are very close, so I may see many finishes at once! I'm following self-isolation while reminding myself "I'm not helping anyone by not doing something I love." I'm very grateful to have quilting and sew-y type things to keep my mind occupied.

Marie said...


Marie said...

Those are terrific zippers. Did you order them online, by chance?

Kay said...

These are fabulous and we all need a bit of fabulousness in our lives right now. x

Sue said...

Great pouches Wendy. I love the quilting. A friend made me a little bag recently using that hand quilting method. Where did you get your great zips?

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Oh I agree the varigated threads look really nice on your Kaffe fabrics. Your pouches really turned out great!

dq said...

Your pouch is such a delight. I recall reading your post about the technique, and now, here it is on this lovely Easter colored pouch. I love it!