Friday 26 April 2019

The Peacock Party and a touch of Kaffe

It feels like it's been a very short week here.

We had public holidays for Good Friday 19 April and Easter Monday 22 April.  And then on Thursday 25 April it was another public holiday for ANZAC Day, where we honour the Australians and New Zealanders who have fought for our countries.

So there's only been 3 work days this week, and it's also school and university holidays, so my university student has been back home this week.  Fortunately the good weather has returned and it feels like one final reminder of summer today, before we get ready for winter.

I'm still plodding away on my Kaffe Fassett scarf in Rowan wool.  I've found I can't do it at nights, because the arms on my arm chair are too close to accommodate my knitting style! Therefore I'm trying to add a few rows each day while I sit on the sofa. 

On the quilting front I'm adding a few green blocks to my Shuttles quilts from Quilts in Morocco by Kaffe Fassett.

Now it's time for the Peacock Party.

I've started playing a little game with myself where I try to guess from the link photo who wrote the post.  Sometimes I get it right, but sometimes I'm surprised,  I'm trying to visit at least 5 of the links every week. I do appreciate everyone who links up, but I just don't have time to visit every link and also answer comments on my blog.  I hope you understand.

So what's everyone been up to?  Feel free to link up below and share what you've been up to:

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Frauke said...

sehr schöne Farben und Zusammenstellungen wonderfull coleurs und mixed thank you Frauke

Michelle said...

Your Kaffe Fassett scarf and shuttles quilt are both coming along nicely. I love the bright colors. Back when I was quilting Kaffe Fassett was one of my favorites. I can enjoy the fabrics through your posts. Yay on your daughter being home!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Your knit scarf is gorgeous! I am a knitter too. Since I don't know what your seating looks like or your knitting style, it's hard to suggest something that might work, but you could try putting a plump cushion on your lap when knitting (or doing any hand sewing) so that it brings your work closer to you and reduces neck and back strain too. I made one using Anna's tutorial:

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

LOVE your shuttle!! What a great way to showcase those kaffe fabrics!

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Lovely colors, knitting and quilting!

Soma @ said...

I just found out your blog and I am glad I did. The scarf looks amazing! The Shuttles blocks look lovely. The background provides a beautiful contrast. Thank you so much for hosting!