Sunday, 11 March 2018

A weekend away in Taupo

I'm just back from my work Social Weekend in Taupo.  As we leave Summer and go into Autumn we often have warm days, but cooler nights.  The views from my room at Millennium Hotel were beautiful.

There was so much activity on the lake - sailing, jet skiing, water skiing, paddle boarding, rowing, kyaking, fishing ....

If you've ever been to Taupo you'll probably recognise these views from the township.

And the 10km paved path around part of the lake was very popular with people walking and biking.

I didn't get any hand sewing done, but I did manage to glue baste some more pieces for my Ballet with Kaffe quilt. I was too busy admiring the views and trying to make sure everyone was at the activities they had signed up for.

Now I'm home again, and looking forward to some sewing later today.

You can read all about my cute sewing machine cover in this post here.

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