Wednesday, 11 October 2017

Home again, and already registered for Auckland Symposium 2019

I'm just home from Symposium and there's so much to catch up on.  The very first thing I did was place an order for 150 capsules for my Nespresso machine.  Yes, 150!! I didn't realise how much I relied on coffee until I was restricted to drinking instant, or queuing in long lines to get the occasional flat white. 

The original block at St Andrew's College, Christchurch

The other thing I didn't realise was just how many New Zealanders read my blog!!! Every day I had people coming up and introducing themselves to me because they recognised me from my blog or Instagram.  It was lovely, but quite unexpected.  Thank you to everyone who said "hello".  It made me feel very welcome at my first symposium.

I don't do selfies with strangers, so can't remember most people's names, but I do remember one lady in the coffee queue from Whananaki in Northland.  We had a laugh while we huddled under a verandah out of the rain on another 12C day.

Rhododendrons hanging over the school fence

I have lots to write about Symposium, and do promise to fill you all in on all the wonderful classes I did, and my quilt in the exhibition, but I must unpack my bags and try to restore some order to my sewing table.

a little stream runs through the school grounds
The grounds of the school were beautifully maintained.  The sports fields were looking particularly lush thanks to all the rain that fell during the time we were there.

I've already registered for the next Symposium which will be in Auckland from 1-6 October 2019 - yes, two years away.

I had people from Australia and America in my classes everyday except the last day.  Many people came from overseas because of the great tutors on offer.  As well as my classes, I attended lectures by:

Michele Hill - from William Morris and Michele (Australia)
Jacqui Gering - from Tallgrass Prairie Studio (USA)
Luke Haynes - from Luke Haynes (USA)

If you're at all considering coming to Auckland Symposium in 2019 I would encourage you to register now for $35 for New Zealanders, and $60 for those overseas.  You will then receive a registration number which determines your priority for choosing classes later on.  Low registration numbers are important.  I'll see you there!!!

The driveway at St Andrew's College, Christchurch


Jenny M said...

What an amazing time you must have had! I look forward to reading about your classes...especially with Luke.

Marlene said...

Am just home to Auckkland as well Wendy-didn't see you to say hello. Weren't the grounds and the original building amazing. I did classes with both Jacquie and Luke and had an amazing time. Friends I was wasd with did Michelles classes. What a great time we had. Early to bed tonite for sure!!

Susan said...

So many people said hello because you are famous Wendy! Looks like you had a great time! I wonder if I will be retired by October 2019....???

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