Tuesday, 31 October 2017

A Mystery Quilt.....Through the Garden Gate

Hello, and welcome to my blog, especially if you're a Mystery Quilter.  

If you're not a Mystery Quilter, but wish that you were, then you need to visit:  
www.cottoncuts.com in the USA or
www.quilterslane.co.nz in New Zealand.

How does the Mystery work?

  • We offer a choice of colourways (8 different options!) and sizes.
  • Each month for ten months you receive a pack of perfectly cut shapes and instructions for sewing them together.
  • You can follow the clues as people post them on facebook in our friendly group.
  • In the tenth pack you get instructions for putting the quilt top together.
  • Mysteries start in February (New Zealand and USA) and July (USA only).

Some months ago my friend Sheila Christensen from Quilters' Lane in Masterton, New Zealand, asked if I would like to join in the blog hop for her latest mystery quilt - Through the Garden Gate.  


So of course I said "Yes".

 The clue comes with the fabric perfectly precut and beautifully presented in its packaging.

It was quite easy to put the pieces together.

When I'd finished sewing the blocks together I couldn't resist trying some different layouts - even though I know these blocks probably won't sit next to each other in the finished quilt.  

The sewing did not take long at all. Less than an hour after I began, all the pieces were sewn together!

The idea is that a range of bloggers from all over the world each make one month's clues from the mystery quilt, and then send them back to Kim at Cotton Cuts in USA where they all get joined together. Cotton Cuts will sew the puzzle pieces together and then hold an auction for the finished quilt, with all money going toward the sheltered workshop for disabled people that they use for their fulfillment, Valley Industries. You can read more details about the fulfillment process and facility in Sheila’s recap from the July clue.

I intend to give my blocks to Sheila at our next Capital Quilters guild meeting, and she will pass them onto Kim from Cotton Cuts when they meet up at the International Quilt Market in Houston.  I wish I could take them myself, but sadly I'm not going to be there - maybe one day!

Kim supplied me with an pen so that I could sign one of the blocks for inclusion in the charity quilt. You can have a chance to win the entire quilt by entering the raffle (link below). Each of the bloggers will sign their blocks, so this really will be a one of a kind quilt!
Each blogger will make up one of the clues and send it to Kim who will complete the quilt. Here is the list of blogs where you will be able to follow the quilt being made:
I look forward to following along and seeing the other pieces that are sewn each month, and I’ll be sure to share final details on how the quilt comes together next year.

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