Thursday 1 December 2016

Work, work, work

This past month I've been extremely busy with work, and there's been hardly any time for sewing (or anything else for that matter). I know many of you have full time jobs and feel this way every week, but most of the year I just work a few hours each day, and I usually find time to fit in some sewing.

Last week we had our annual work conference and dinner.  I had to arrange everything for 135 guests and it was stressful! My boss was very appreciative of my efforts, and presented me with a beautiful bouquet of flowers at the dinner.

Of course being a quilter I found inspiration in the hotel carpet:

The day after our conference we had our annual Christmas party at Capital Quilters.  I got to hang my Oh! Christmas Tree quilt on the line.

The weather is starting to improve as we head towards summer in the southern hemisphere.  My flowering cherry trees are looking good.

In October 2017 we are having our national Quilt Symposium in Christchurch.  I'm looking forward to attending classes with overseas tutors - Jen Kingwell, Luke Haynes, Jacquie Gering etc.

I'm also working on two quilts that I hope will be accepted for the exhibition.  These quilts have to be original designs, and that's a challenge for me.  I prefer to use existing patterns with my own fabrics, but I'm trying something new here.  I won't be sharing any work in progress photos of these quilts, but they are my main focus at the moment.  They have to be finished by June 2017, so I will share photos later in the year. Until then you will just have to guess what they might look like!

My last piece of news is that my Mum's quilt has been chosen by QuiltMania to hang in their la passacaglia exhibition at Nantes in France, in April 2017.  It's wonderful news for her and I'm really thrilled for her.  If you're going to Pour l'amour du Fil be sure to keep an eye out for it.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

first off congrats to your mom! it is a beautiful quilt and her work on it is great having seen it up close I can say that! Your flowers are beautiful I'm sure that was nice to receive after all the work you put in to the dinner. You weather is warming up and ours is chilling down! winter is on it's way here this week

margaret said...

so good that Mum`s quilt is going to be seen by o mnay quilters. best of luck with designing your quilts.

Julie said...

I'd be happy receiving a bouquet like that. Your quilt group looks very productive - I think I should find a local one to join next year.

You'll be looking forward to the holidays and lots of sewing soon.

Sandi said...

Congrats to you and your mom on both your endeavours! Nice to have a boss appreciate your hard work.

Just as you weather heats up ours gets colder! We had 27/30 rainy days in November after 28/31 in October but December 1 is sunny, clear but colder. We may get some snow in both the city and of course the mountains!

Granny Maud's Girl said...

Enjoy your break after all your hard work.
Secret sewing projects, eh? I have one project on the go that is going to have to go undercover too for a show. It is hard to keep things quiet when you are excited about a project, right?
Congrats to mum! Are you going to France to visit the quilt? :)

yvette said...

I came to your place with a friends link to your halloween house and as your work is so beautiful I continued to read and admire. so I arrive to this information : I will see this gorgeous quilt at Nantes !!! I visit this exhibition every year.
Thank you for allowing your precious work to cross the ocean for our pleasure.
I have still much to discover on your blog, bye !
Yvette from France

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

Thank you Yvette! How exciting that you will be at Nantes and see all the gorgeous quilts. This is my mother's quilt which will be at the show. I hope you get to see it.