Thursday, 14 April 2016

An Easter table runner

About a week ago I stumbled across a cute pattern for an Easter table runner here on Sew Mama Sew's blog.  The pattern was written by Peta Peace of She Quilts a Lot and contained very detailed instructions and step by step photos.

Wikipedia tells me that Easter can fall anywhere between March 22 and April 25.  In 2016 it was quite early on March 27, however in 2017 it will be on April 16.

So Easter has been and gone for 2016, but we still had a few eggs in the house. I knew if I didn't make the table runner there and then I would forget about it.  So I cleared a space on my table and cut up some pretty fabric scraps.

I used reversed applique, and then lightly machine quilted the mat, using one of the fancy stitches on my Bernina.

Now I have a lovely table runner ready for next Easter.

Those eggs on the left are marshmellow Easter Eggs - a New Zealand specialty.  And to make them even more Kiwi, these ones are Pineapple Lump flavour!

Some learnings from this table runner.

1.  If you're going to cheat and not turn your edges under, beware of using a plain light coloured fabric on top of heavily patterned darker fabrics.  They will show through!!

2.  If you're going to use iron on batting, iron from the top not the back.  That way you won't get wrinkles in the top of your quilt sandwich.

Yes, this table runner isn't perfect, but I really don't mind.  It will only come out for a couple of weeks each year, and unless you study it closely you won't see these imperfections.  It was a learning experience.

Finished size 12" x 24"


Serena @ Sewgiving said...

Thanks for tip #2 ... I always get crinkles when ironing on batting (usually for pencil cases etc.) I'll remember to iron on from the front next time :)

Jenny M said...

A sweet Easter runner ~ well prepared for next Easter!

margaret said...

how nice to have an Easter runner. Have not used iron on wadding but will remember if I do to iron from the front thanks for the tip

Frances Meredith said...

Cute project, I love your colours. Well done for getting it done well in time for April 2017!

Linda said...

Lovely table runner. Such delicious colours, it make you want to eat those eggs!

SuperMomNoCape said...

What a pretty Easter table runner! I love the fabrics you used!

Julie said...

Such perfect fabrics used in this. I am amazed you still have eggs left too.
Have a great weekend and happy sewing.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

I think sewing for the NEXT holiday is the way to go to ensure it is done on time. Clever.
Pineapple lump marshmallow Easter eggs? You cannot get much more Kiwi than that!