Sunday, 23 November 2014

My Biscornus

Over the years I've made a few biscornus.  The word 'biscornu' apparently comes from a French adjective, and means skewed, quirky or irregular. Wikipedia defines 'biscornu' as a small eight sided stuffed pin cushion, decorated with embroidery on the top and bottom.

Wikipedia clearly haven't seen my 15 and 6 sided biscornus. I made both of these using a pattern from The Victoria Sampler. 

15 sided and 6 sided biscornus from The Victoria Sampler

For the 15 sided biscornu each of the 15 panels are stitched separately and then sewn together.

In the 6 sided biscornu there are larger square pieces on the top and bottom, and then 4 hardanger panels on the sides.  The hardanger on the sides is lovely, and of course the tiny beads always add a special touch.

I made these biscornus using beautiful variegated threads and ribbons from ColourStreams - the colours were Mardi Gras, Jacaranda and Carnivale.  The ribbons were used to make spider web roses.

I've also made some some lovely biscornus from kits by The Sweetheart Tree. These biscornus are made by stitching two square pieces and then rotating one of them 45 degrees before sewing them together.

Biscornus from The Sweetheart Tree
Left = Lavender Blossoms biscornu
I think the other two were actually Teenies from The Sweetheart Tree which I've converted into biscornus.

I love the beads along the seams in these biscornus. Take a look at this page (click here). There are so many kits available. I have to admit that I've still got 2 more kits waiting to be stitched. They are Cherry Blossoms and Rhodes Butterfly.

I also made this lovely design from Chatelaine Designs  I love how the greens and gold look on black, but it wasn't easy to stitch on black. I now always put a white tea towel on my knees when I'm stitching on black linen. That way the light shines through the linen and I can see the holes more clearly.

Chatelaine Designs biscornu

To complete my collection I have my gingerbread biscornu which includes hardanger too.

Gingerbread biscornu from The Victoria Sampler

Have you ever made a biscornu? Are you tempted to try?


Von said...

Love your biscornus! I haven't made one myself yet, but one day I will!! :D

Granny Maud's Girl said...

These are MUCH fancier than my biscornu. In my pre-blogging days, I made a biscornu pincushion out of two leftover quilt blocks (two square pieces, rotated 45 degrees, as you explain). It looked nice, but nothing this special!
I would be tempted to make one as fancy as these ... one day.

margaret said...

what a lovely range of biscornus have not seen the 15 sided one before, will have to try and found instructions for that, I have done quite a few hardanger ones bigger than yours and even had one as a project in the Embroiders Guild Stitch magazine but will now have to have a go at the 15 sided challenge well will try anyway

Dasha said...

Wow! You put my efforts to shame Wendy. Your biscornus are just lovely, and I love the 15 sided on. Interestingly enough the last post I did on my blog, which was on Friday, I showed off my biscornu. Did you see it?

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

Wow, these are just stunning, Wendy. I have never attempted something like this, but I know better than to say never! ;)

Mary Jane Robiony-Rogers said...

My gosh, I have never seen a biscornu, these are so fabulous. I would love to make one of these. You are amazing, Wendy.

Ruth said...

I've never made one but they look so gorgeous - your hand stitching is really lovely!

Carol Q said...

they are so beautiful Wendy, just the sort of stitching I used to do but never made a biscornu. I must give it a go.

Lorraine said...

These are all beautiful Wendy! No, I haven't made one myself YET.....