Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Capital Quilters 2014 Exhibition

A couple of weeks ago I went to the Capital Quilter exhibition and saw a wonderful range of beautiful quilts. The Capital Quilters is made up of all different types of quilters from Wellington, New Zealand. I didn't have any quilts in the show myself because I wasn't a member, but based on what I saw, I have decided to join up and am now officially a member of Capital Quilters. I think the next exhibition will be in two years time, so maybe I'll have something to enter then.

Tropicana by Elizabeth Knox.
This was my favourite (maybe it's because of the purple and lime green?) 
I thought I'd share some of my favourite quilts so you can get a taste of the wide variety of quilts that were on display.

Pinwinne by Irene Anderton.
This quilt is made of wool and is hand quilted.

A Little Splash of Orange by Shiela Christensen
using Kathy Doughty's Fractured pattern 

5 Days and 5 Nights in New York by Tracy Carew

De-Flowered by Helen Malanchak
I love the flowers and the range of colours (sorry about the poor photo)

Siren Song by Shirley Mooney
this is a very clever, precisely pieced wall quilt  

My friend Alice from our Possum Magic group also went to the show, and she put photos of her favourite quilts on her blog (click here to see her post). Funnily enough, she took photos of 8 quilts which are all different to the ones I chose. Isn't quilting great like that? There's something to suit everyone.


margaret said...

some real beauties here, day and night wonderful and the 2 with added flowers really caught my eye, thanks for sharing, I am sure you are going to enjoy this group. Off now to see your friends photos. Next week I go to the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham where there will be over 1000 quilts to photo! and of course lots of temptations too for opening the wallet

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I really do love how different quilts speak to each of us. I really like Siren Song, too!

Blossom quilts & Crafts said...

Youray for diversity! I didn't notice some of these quilts. I'm so glad that you are joining the group. I will be joining the city one as they meet on Thursday night. I'm now working on Saturday, so won't be able to do the capital club. I've heard that they have better speakers, so you need to let us know what is going on ;-)

Gina said...

THanks for the quilty photos. Beautiful quilts. I'm with you as I love Tropicana aswell xx

Granny Maud's Girl said...

Quilting is great like that. One of my sewing-group friends and I always laugh about our opposite tastes. If I like a fabric, she will hate it, and vice versa. Yet, I admire the finished quilts she makes (even though I know I would never make one similar).