About Me

Hello, and welcome. I’m Wendy Welsh and I’m a modern hand quilter from New Zealand.

What does that mean? It means I make modern quilts and I hand quilt them with colourful threads - Aurifil 12wt and 28wt are my favourites.

I live in Wellington, New Zealand and I love being a New Zealander. It’s a beautiful clean green country, with great beaches, bush and mountains, and 5 million friendly people.  

I've been married for 29 years and we have two sons aged 19 and 21, but I’ve promised not to mention them on the blog, so I’ll say no more about them!
Long ago I trained as an accountant, but then I spent many of years working in IT on financial management systems. I currently work for the New Zealand Institute of Patent Attorneys.

love working with bright colours.  I enjoy embroidery as well as quilting, and feature both on my blog. You can see more of the things I've made on the tabs across the top of the page.  Thank you for visiting.  

Flower Garden

Flower Garden wall hanging. This is wool felt applique flowers, hand stitched onto the background. I really enjoyed making this quilt and have made more quilts and cushions using the same method. I loved doing all the hand stitching in this quilt. 

my embroidered Goldwork Elizabethean 'W'


Teresa said...

Hi Wendy, a beautiful family and exquisite quilts! I would like to invite you to come to our guild in the USA, is there a better way or place for this conversation? I look forward to hearing from you! Gratefully, Teresa

Jenntt said...
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Rubyzed said...

Hi Wendy, do you take commissions? I have collected fabrics for a quilt for my daughter now17 months ... But the quilt maker I was hoping to ask is now only teaching and doesn't take private commissions. I am in the uk. I absolutely love your work.thanks zubia

It was this one that I fell in love with on your Instagram feed. I also have a shop in Brighton and would be interested in doing a specially commissioned piece for our Christmas window....just an idea at this stage ..

Betty P. said...

Hi Wendy. I like mom's suggestion for the border. Happy Birthday. 🎂

Linda said...

Hallo Wendy wat een prachtige blauwe patchwork of the crosses heeft je moeder gemaakt. Is het 1 bepaalde serie die ze hiervoor heeft gebruikt?

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

Hello Linda

My mum used a variety of blue fabrics for her quilt.
kind regards