Tuesday, 4 October 2022

My Symposium entries

Symposium is open and now I can now show you the quilts I have entered.  

Gone Fishing by Brandon Mably for Kaffe Fassett Collective

First up are my Fiesta Flags.  This was a great idea by the committee to liven up the Sacred Heart College foyer where the Happy Hours will take place.  Each entrant had to make six double sided flags to the exact dimensions and then thread them on to a 2 metre long rope. 

I wanted my flags to be bright and colourful to reflect the Fiesta theme of Symposium.   So I chose my brightest fabrics and make them even brighter with feathers, ric-rac and baubles from Spotlight.  I had a lot of fun making my flags.  


My second entry is in the 12" x 12" Resene Paint Chip Challenge which will be hanging at the Hutt Art Centre, just around the corner from the Lower Hutt Events Centre.  

Each entrant was given two paint chips to base their mini quilt on - a colour and a neutral.  My colour was a pretty pink called Smitten, and my neutral was Double Dutch White.  

I didn't have a lot of time to devote to this challenge, so when I saw some fabric in my colourway, I grabbed it and turned it into a mini quilt with both machine and hand quilting.  

My REAL entry is my Neptune and the Mermaid quilt that I started at the 2019 Auckland Symposium.  It's in the "In the Beginning" challenge section - for quilts started at the 2019 Auckland Symposium.  

I'll show more photos of this quilt in my usual upcoming Friday blog post, but in case you're looking for it at the Lower Hutt Events Centre, this is what it looks like:

Neptune and the Mermaid

It's hand pieced and hand quilted by me, from a pattern designed by Wendy Whellum.  More details on Friday. 

If you see me at Symposium with my fancy floral head band, do say hello.  

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Michelle said...

Oh Wendy, these entries are just magnificent! I love your bright and festive flags. It makes me feel happy just to look at them. The 12 X 12 piece shows off your precise and beautiful quilting. Neptune and Mermaid is just incredible! I love hand-piecing and hand-quilting. There’s just something so meditative about it.