Wednesday 30 March 2022

Quilts for Ukrainian refugee children

Claudia Pfeil in Germany is leading a team of wonderful women making quilts for Ukrainian refugee children.

I became aware of this via her Instagram account, and I offered to collate blocks from New Zealand quilters and post them over to Germany.  

The charity quilts ready to be gifted.

Ukrainian children receiving their quilts in Germany

I've chosen to get involved because Claudia is a woman of action.  She isn't just calling for blocks, she's finished some quilts already and has already started distributing them to the Ukrainian refugee children in Germany. Here are some examples of the finished quilts that have been gifted already.

Some stats:

Claudia has already received 4,860 blocks - enough for 240 quilts.  

37 quilts have been finished, and most of them have been gifted already. 

Block size - 8.5" unfinished, for an 8" finished block in the quilt

Colours - blue and yellow

Pattern - any pattern you like

I started making some blocks on Sunday and these are the ones that I've finished already:

You can see that they don't have to be fancy.  Once the blocks are mixed up and put into quilts they will hopefully remind the children of happier times in Ukraine. 

If you're in New Zealand, and would like to make some blocks, I can send them to Germany with mine if you get them to me in Wellington by Friday 22 April.  Just send me an email when you're finished and I'll let you know my address.  email

Or, I could collect them from the following locations:

Botany Downs, Auckland on Sat 9 April. 

Queenstown Sat16 April

Stitch Witches Dunedin Sat 30 April

Capital Quilters, Waterloo School Hall Sat 30 April.  

The end of April is the absolute last day for collection. 

If you or your guild have a lot of blocks to send, please consider positing them to Claudia yourself.  I can give you her address if you need it. To avoid customs duty in Germany, please state "no commercial value", gift / donation and maximum value $1.  

I believe there are collection points in Australia and USA too.  Just google to see what's happening in your country.  

Thank you.  


dutchcomfort said...

Thank you Wendy, it‘s so nice of you to post about the incredible work Claudia is doing! Luckily she has lots of helping hands to work on the quilts!

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Thanks for doing this Wendy, that is so kind of you. I hope you collect a lot of blocks to send. Blue and yellow is one of my favorite color combinations and those blocks and quilts look wonderful. So nice to see some of the children who received quilts. Hugs!

Anonymous said...
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Kim said...

This is such a wonderful initiative, Wendy. Your blocks are lovely. I don't suppose you know of a collection place in Australia where people are sending blocks too? I did google but couldn't find any information.

Nancy @ Grace and Peace Quilting said...

Wonderful. Just wonderful.