Friday, 26 February 2021

Lost in Translation

 Apologies to all the Dutch quilters out there.

"Bont en Blauw" does not mean "Black and Blue", but rather multicoloured, which sounds so much nicer.  Google translate put me wrong on that one! But a number of you messaged me to let me know, so thank you.  

As my quilt is only going to be three colours (red, white and blue), I'm going to have to think of another name anyway.  

Some of you asked for more details about this sweet quilt.  I'm hand piecing it using the method shown in my hand piecing videos here.    But, there are also English Paper Piecing papers available from

I always buy hollow templates now, because I can draw the cutting line AND the stitching line for hand piecing.  I've always used 1/4" seam allowance for hand piecing and EPP.  I find that that's enough, and I think 3/8" would leave too much bulk on the back when the pieces are small. 

Photos from Millefiori Quilts 4 for Bont en Blauw:

I love how Willyne Hammerstein designs interesting borders for her quilts.  Many of us finish the centre of a quilt, and then we think it needs a border, so we find a complementary fabric and put long strips around the edges to finish it off.  Easy.  But, Willyne has created the illusion of a border by continuing the piecing but changing the colour placement.  Clever!!

That's my plan too, even though my rows aren't all sewn together yet.  

In other exciting news - all three of my entries into the Great New Zealand Quilt Show at Rotorua were accepted!! 

And, I finished my Lime challenge ahead of schedule, so I've started a second Lime mini quilt.  The Lime quilts will be unveiled at the Rotorua show too.  

I'm going to Rotorua for the show. It's a good excuse for another little holiday, and a good way to meet up with other quilters from around NZ.  Will I see you there? 

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Anonymous said...

The Milifiore quilts are beautiful! And many congrats on having all three of your quilts accepted into the show. What awesome news!


Anonymous said...

The Milifiore quilts are beautiful! And many congrats on having all three of your quilts accepted into the show. What awesome news!


Kleine Vingers said...

Your translation of Bont en blauw in Black and blue is correct.
The word Bont means colorfull. The confusion starts when single words or an expression are translated. Bont en blauw as an expression is Black and blue.

However it is translated the quilt will be lovely.
(I am dutch)

Marly said...

Congratulations on having your quilts accepted to the show. Is it to be a "physical" or "virtual" (digital) show. I look forward to seeing your photo report in a future post.
Just for the record Google translate wasn't entirely wrong on "bont en blauw"; if you fell downstairs that's what you'd certainly be: bruised. Willyne made a pun here. Whatever it's called it looks like a lot of work!

Gretchen Weaver said...

Your quilt is going to be so lovely. Congratulations on having all 3 of your quilts accepted into the show. Obviously you won't see me at the show but I'm counting on you taking lots of photos to share on your blog. Happy stitching!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that a neat quilt - a lot of work!

Susan said...

Wow! Stunner!

audrey said...

Love the border detail, how it's the same pattern but simply a change-up in color! So clever!

Rebecca Grace said...

Congratulations on your show acceptances! And this quilt is going to be gorgeous, no matter what it's called. I love those "window" templates you're using to mark your cutting and seam lines all in one go.

FlourishingPalms said...

Your cutting and piecing for this new quilt looks so precise! Perfect. No wonder you had all your quilts accepted for the show. What you create is exact and wonderful in every way. I'm glad for you to be able to attend a quilt show, and look forward to the days when that can happen again in the US. By the way, I added my blog post to your Linky party, and want to explain that though I reviewed a product (a rotary blade sharpener), I wasn't compensated for it. This is just my helpful (I hope) review of something I purchased.

Celine said...

Your quilt is going to be so beautiful

mahnoorshaikh said...
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