Friday 11 January 2019

Peacock Party

It's time for another Peacock Party where you can link up and share what you've been up to.

I've finally managed to get the HTML sorted so you can put a Peacock Party badge on your blog if you wish.  The code is in the sidebar on the right hand side of the screen, just below the Peacock Party image.  You can copy it into an HTML gadget on your blog and the badge should appear and link to my blog.  Let me know if you have any problems!

A big thank you to Yvonne Quilting Jet Girl who helped me out with formatting the code.

Just a reminder about the Peacock Party for those who have started following my blog recently.  It's open to everyone who has a blog post to share.

- I'm not going to tell you that you need to visit and comment on other linked up posts
- I'm not going to demand that you mention my blog in your blog post
- I'm not even going to commit to visiting and commenting on every post myself
- I'm not going to try and sell you anything because I don't have anything to sell
But I am going to provide a welcoming place where fellow bloggers can meet and share what they've been making.  

I've been playing around with my Good Fortune blocks (see my previous post for details), and I've changed the layout.  I've sewn them together like this and I quite like it. 

What have you been up to?

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Elaine said...

I love stripy quilts - the is one of the nicest Good Fortunes I've seen, well done! How are you planning to quilt it?

Turid said...

Nice to make it like that. I really love to see all the different ways people do it. Mine is on it's way to be finished. You can see it when I link up my post.

Gretchen Weaver said...

I think you were brave to make a mystery quilt. I don't want to spend my time making a quilt I might not like. Your quilt is lovely. I especially like how you changed the layout and made it your own. Happy Stitching!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

nice! I'm doing most of it the way of the pattern, but the first border wouldn't work for me so I am doing that part a little different

Cathy said...

Good for you for making the Good Fortune your own!

Linda said...

I do like your arrangement of the Good Fortune blocks. A very striking look.

Frédérique - Quilting Patchwork Appliqué said...

Pretty layout, and beautiful quilt top!

audrey said...

Lovely, bright colors! I really like the vertical layout look!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Good Fortune is actually gorgeous! I always love what you make. Thank you for hosting a link up too.

Genevieve Gerrard said...

I love that you have done your own thing with the mystery quilt! I love the bright colours, it looks great.

Incidentally, I can't see the right hand side bar on my phone, which is what I use to blog. That's not your fault, Blogger is really badly set up for blogging from a mobile in a lot of ways.