Friday, 11 May 2018

Glitter quilt

I made a bit of progress on my Glitter quilt in April.  This is a Jen Kingwell pattern, available in her book "Quilt Lovely" or as a leaflet from Amitie Textiles.

I'm using the acrylic templates made by Amitie, and hand piecing each block.  I draw pencil stitching lines on the back of each block by connecting the dots with a ruler, and then join the pieces with a running stitch.

It's a slow process, but I enjoy cutting the blocks during the day, and stitching a block each night.

I've currently got 55 blocks finished and I need 152.  That's not bad - I've made a third of the blocks.

I still have many more fabric combinations waiting to be used.  This quilt is for our bed. I chose to restrict the colour palette to green and grey because it will complement the gorgeous wallpaper we hung last year.


Unknown said...

Hi Wendy, I'm just starting a Glitter quilt. Yours is STUNNING! I also have the templates. Did you use scissors or a rotary cutter to cut the pieces? If a rotary cutter, do you have any tips for me?

Thank you,

Wendy @ Wendysquiltsandmore said...

Hello. I always use scissors to cut out my pieces. Unless it's 1" squares in which case I might use a rotary cutter to cut a long strip the right width, and then also cut each square with my big rules. But I never use a rotary cutter with the little templates. It's too fiddly and dangerous for my fingers.