Sunday, 31 December 2017

2017 - My embroidery year in review

I don't have as much to report for my embroidery as I do for my quilting.  My evenings now seem to be taken up with English Paper Piecing, hand piecing and wool felt applique.

I do still enjoy embroidery, but I guess I'm enjoying quilting more at this point in my life.  Anyway, I still managed a couple of finishes this year.

My embroidery priorities for the year were: (you can see the list here)

1. Holey Moley
This was a series of lessons at Nancy's Stitch Studio in Wellington.  Anne-Marie Moorehead was the tutor and I enjoyed learning new pulled thread stitches.  I've learnt all the techniques now, and just have to finish the piece in my own time.

The teacher's sample

2. Textured Floral Extravangza
This was another series of lessons with Anne-Marie Moorehead at Nancy's Stitch Studio.  Unfortunately I never really got into this piece.  I don't know if my colour selections weren't so wise after all, or if I never felt my stitches were good enough to start on the real fabric.  Anyway, I've already accepted that this piece may never get any further - which a very unusual admission for me!

How far I've got

What the finished piece should look like!!!

3. A Treasured Time
Finished and framed and hanging on the wall.  Success! I really enjoyed stitching this design, but won't be rushing to do another Dimensions kit soon.  It's a different technique stitching half cross stitches on Aida fabric.  You can read more about this piece here.

4. Peacock at Sunset
Another finish! I finished this Ehrman tapestry and got it made into a cushion at Nancy's.  You can read more about it here. 

5. Twelve Days Ornaments
I finally made a start on these ornaments in December (when I should have been writing Christmas cards).  The patterns are by Larissa Holland of mmmcrafts and you can download and print them at home. I have now made two ornaments for each of the first three days of Christmas, so six in total, except day one has a partridge and a pear, so there are actually eight ornaments in my box now.

So, that was 2017.  I finished two items on my list, and started on a third item.  I guess that's a 50% success rate and I shouldn't be so hard on myself.

There are so many lovely things I'd like to stitch, but unfortunately I just have to admire a lot of them and admit that there isn't time to do everything I like.  I'll start compiling my 2018 priorities list soon - one for quilting and one for embroidery.  I do think it's a good way to keep on track and avoid too many new temptations.

Have you got anything special on your 2018 crafting wishlist?

Happy New Year everyone.


Pip said...

I haven't really thought about my 2018 crafting wish list yet, maybe in another week or so :) I love the start of your Textured Floral Extravaganza, your stitches look lovely to me. Have you thought about adding a couple of extra colours - maybe a dark purple and a lighter colour, it might add a bit of contrast.

Kunzfrau said...

So wunderful embroidery Projects. I like it so much.

Happy new year!

XElizabeth Rivera said...

Your work is exquisite and incredible.

Miss Nancy said...

Beautiful, gorgeous, and stunning work! Thank you for sharing!
Happy New Year!

Quilting Tangent said...

Beautiful stitching, congratulations on finishing these projects.

Sue said...

Your work is beautiful whether its quilting or embroidery Wendy. I can't ever imagine doing as much as you, and I don't go to work. Love all the lovely stitches.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

Oooh! I love holey moley and the textured stitches.
I joined my local embroidery guild last year with plans to learn how to create beauties like these, but I do not think I have touched any embroidery this year. Worse, my guild membership might have lapsed!

Von said...

Your 2017 embroidery projects are just lovely! They may not have been your focus, but are a wonderful addition to your completed projects list.