Wednesday, 8 November 2017

Auckland Festival of Quilts - Aotearoa Quilters Orange Challenge

Like previous years, the Aotearoa Quilters 12 x 12 colour challenge quilts were on display at the Auckland Festival of Quilts.  This year the colour was orange.

I didn't enter a quilt because I had entered three mini quilts in our Capital Quilters guild 12 x 12 challenge this year.  You can see my entries in that challenge by clicking here.

I did have an orange 12 x 12 quilt in the Capital Quilters challenge, but I couldn't enter it into Aotearoa Quilters challenge because I'd already published photos of it on my blog and Instagram. That policy is currently under review and if you're a member of Aotearoa Quilters I'd encourage you to answer the survey they sent out at the weekend. and let your views be known.

My favourite this year was "3 Baobab Trees" by Theresa Vaughan.

The overall winner was "Is Orange really the New Black" by Liz McKenzie.

You can read about and see photos on my blog from the previous Aotearoa Quilters challenges here:
Green challenge - 2015
Yellow challenge - 2016

Next year it's PINK.  What can I possibly do for that?  Suggestions welcome.


Kath said...

I did enjoy this post Wendy. I just submitted my entry for our local quilt shop 12x12 challenge. They raise huge amounts of money for Dorothy house hospice, as many people donate their quilts for secret auction bids. The theme this year is "Where in the world".
When you said PINK I automatically thought piglets!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said...

I really like some of these blocks. What made the Baobab tree your favorite. Are the trees appliqued, machine embroidered? They are striking against the orange background...almost a sunset or sunrise.

I do wish that rule was not in play as I think many people who blog provide their readers with encouragement to continue creating (I certainly do). The wide variety of what is shown on social media boggles the mind.

Thanks for continuing to blog about these shows and your creations.

When you said pink, I though of Pepto Bismo!

Kate @ Smiles From Kate said...

I enjoyed viewing the quilts Wendy, thank you for posting them. Pink, hmmmmmm! Something on the theme of the pink breast cancer ribbon?

CathyQuilts said...

Wow, I really enjoyed those orange quilts. It seems among the people I know (including blogs or email lists) if someone mentions the words 'orange' and 'quilts' in the same sentence, people have a conniption. I hear: NO! YUCK! GAG!
I'm going to send them to your blog in the future, it'll change their mind. Me? I think all colors are lovely :)
I thinks these quilts are quite creative and are eye candy to me. I also looked at the greens and red too and enjoyed them as well.

dq said...

Those quilts on the wall are so much fun to look at. Thanks for sharing.