Thursday, 6 July 2017

30 June check in

Every six months I set goals for my quilting and embroidery.  I find this helps me to keep on task, and get things finished.

It's 30 June so it's time to check progress.  The list I wrote for 2017 is here if you would like to check back, but I promise to work through it without omitting anything.

1. Symposium quilt 1.  This one is finished, photographed, and submitted.  I'm just waiting to hear if it got accepted or not.

2. Symposium quilt 2.  This one didn't get finished in time, so will be held over until a future show.  I've continued to work on it, but I just knew I couldn't finish everything.

3. Symposium quilt 3 - Possum Magic.  I finished this one, photographed it and submitted it to Symposium.  Again, I'm waiting to find out if it was accepted or not. (I'll post full photos in another post soon.)

4. Tussie Mussie.  I made the top entirely from my stash and I love it.  The pattern calls for nice big half square triangles and enjoyed mixing up my favourite Kaffe Fassett prints.  This pattern is from Kaffe's book, Quilts in Italy.  I've decided to get this one quilted at Busy Bee, Wellington, because I just haven't got time to quilt everything myself and I really want to start using it.

5.  Sue Spargo Instastitch - I finished the blocks and joined them all up, but haven't thought about how it quilt it yet.  There's stabiliser behind most of the blocks so it will be too thick for hand quilting.

6. Wendy Williams Tea Party BOM.  I'm going to start this at our retreat, this weekend. Now that my Symposium quilts are finished I intend to dive right in and enjoy making this.

7. Tropical Hexagons - another Kaffe Fassett pattern.  Now that I know that Kaffe and Brandon are coming back to New Zealand in January, I really need to get this one quilted so I can take it along for show and tell.  I have started the hand quilting, and will try to do a few hexagons each week.  There are 99 in the quilt!  This pattern is Mediterranean Hexagons from Quilts in Morocco.

So that was all the things I listed at the start of the year.   I've finished two of them, and made progress on four.  The Wendy Williams Tea Party BOM is the only one that I haven't worked on yet.

Of course I've started some extras along the way too:

8. Ballet with Kaffe Fassett - I'm loving how this is looking and I'm enjoying English Paper Piecing again.

9.  12 x 12 quilts.  I've made three 12 x 12 quilts for our guilds exhibition.  I can't show you them yet, but I will once the exhibition opens on 1 August.

10. BOM HST  - I've joined up some of the Half Square Triangles (HSTs) that I won at our guild Block of the Month (BOM) earlier in the year. I need to add more yet, but I like where this is going.

11. Cob Web quilt.  I started this in a class with Chris Kenna at Nancy's Stitch Studio.  We only made a couple of blocks at the class but I love how they are turning out.  They are foundation paper pieced so are quite slow to make, and making the blocks into circles taxes my brain - which I like. That's not my quilt hanging up - that's Chris' sample for classes.

So that's ample to keep me busy until the end of the year.  But added to that I will starting three new quilts at Symposium in October! Help!!


Nancy said...

Your quilts are such fun. Each has its own distinct personality. I like the "Tea Party" pattern.

Tawa said...

Hi Wendy, where is Kaffe coming to in NZ in January? I keep finding out, after the event!

Tawa said...

Don't worry, I did some research. Might see you at Busy Bee next year.

Julie said...

What an impressive list of finishes, wips and new projects. The Wendy Williams one looks really interesting.

margaret said...

you have achieved so many beautiful results I think Sue Spargo`s is my favourite and your new one is a delight you will have fun making that. Heard on a tv craft channel the other day that Kaffe has just married his partner presume they mean Brandon but nothing on line about it. I certainly was not invited!.

Anonymous said...

Amazing have progressed well into the goal set at the start of the year! I am inspired to get my La Pass pieced over the next 12 months (I would be very happy with that!).

Vicki said...

Wow! What a list. I love following your work - so much talent! I cannot wait to see the progress of that Tea Party bom. I hope to see a steady stream of IG posts! :)

Kyle said...

Your bright cheerful style makes your list super fun to look at. Sue's Inststitch is on my list too. It great to have deadlines to keep you motivated.

greeneggs said...

What a great collection of WIPs. Yes, each one has a distinct personality, as Nancy said.

Ali Honey said...

I thought I recognised the cobweb quilt. Members of our group did the same class with Chris. Mine turned into a very large cushion. I'll be interested to see how your goes. ( I presume that's your piece on the table in the foreground? )
Love your hand quilting!

Rachaeldaisy said...

Wow!! So much gorgeousness in one post!! It's great that you make lists to keep you on track.