Saturday, 29 April 2017

Jo Dixey's embroidery

Jo Dixey is New Zealand's only professional embroiderer and she came to speak to our guild today.  Jo trained at the Royal School of Needlework in the UK and these are some of the beautiful pieces she bought along to show us.

You can find Jo on Instagram as @dixeysoul and her blog is here.

The details were just amazing and her stitching is beautiful.

Jo is now a quilter too, but embroidery is still her first love and passion.  Everyone enjoyed getting a close up look at her work.

And to cap off a very successful meeting, I won block of the month!!  Fortunately I was wearing just the right top to match the blocks on the wall.

I can't wait to sew these together and make my first ever truly scrappy quilt


Sarah said...

How inspiring to see all that work! Beautiful! Lucky you to win the blocks. I look forward to seeing your layout and how you quilt it.

Sylvia said...

Enjoy the blocks, and the scrap quilt you make from them. Remember, once you go scrap, you never go back!
Sylvia at Treadlestitches

JanineMarie said...

Congrats on winning those scrappy blocks! I know you'll do something wonderful with them. I've been following your last few posts closely because as a long-time hand quilter, I've decided I want to try big stitch. I have a question for you: what type of batting do you find works best with big stitch quilting?

Julie said...

Jo's work is just amazing, I've seen her working away on projects at a couple of craft/quilt shows.

Have fun putting those blocks together.

Brenda said...

Congratulations on winning those blocks. Just one challenge for you that I see: they are not green and blue! :)

Michele Hill said...

How exciting winning all those blocks....I am sure you will put your mark on them! Loved seeing Jo's work up close......she is such lovely girl too and I hope to see her in NZ in October too. Hugs from across the ditch x

Granny Maud's Girl said...

You match the blocks on the wall perfectly!
Only one professional embroiderer in NZ? I wonder how many more we have in Oz. It is unlikely to be a large number here too.
I recognise some of the styles from hanging out with my local guild members. I wish I had time to go back more often.

Charlotte Scott said...

I'm looking forward to seeing Jo's work in person one day. And congrats on winning the blocks, you look pretty happy!