Saturday, 26 March 2016

An interview....with me!

A few weeks ago Charlotte Scott asked if she could interview me for her pod cast series.

Charlotte is a New Zealand quilter and textile artist who lives on a boat and runs an art gallery! She has a blog called The Slightly Mad Quilt Lady.  Charlotte had seen photos of my la passacaglia quilt, and thought the story behind it would be interesting to document.

Here are some links to the interview.
Charlotte's blog post with the interview
a link to Podbean where all Charlotte's interviews are stored.

Don't worry if you've never listened to a pod cast before, I was quite new to this too.  It will work on your computer, iPad, tablet, or phone. We had a lot to talk about so it goes for 52 minutes!!  But it's like listening to the radio - you can do other things while you listen. You can also pause it and come back to it later.

Of course we talked about more than just la passacaglia - here's some of the things we covered. There's tabs across the top of the this page with more information on most of these quilts:

my first quilt made in 2005

My Flower Garden wall hanging

My gingerbread village - cross stitch

my Possum Magic round robin quilt

my sashiko quilt

my la passacaglia - still to be quilted

 I hope you enjoy listening to the interview.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Wendy - thanks for posting the links I will listen later this evening while I quilt - you show some of the quilts that you made that I love the most!

a maidenhair fern said...

Oh My!!! How long did that take you? (la passacaglia). You New Zealand ladies are into crazy beautiful quilts!!!!

Curly said...

OOh I love the passacaglia. I have been looking at these and thinking of trying it out. So many projects in my mind! I love yours, it is beautiful.

margaret said...

I am thinking Wendy your creations need to be on tv too as unless we follow you we do not see the amazing creations you make, will be listening to your interview later today whilst hand stitching binding. I am sure you will add to your followers once people who follow Charlotte`s pod casts here your interview, you make the most wonderful things and such variety too

Sew of Course said...

How lovely, I'll try to listen to your interview soon. I saw your passacaglia before, it's stunning and one of the loveliest versions I've seen. I also like your sashiko quilt very much!

travelinsewl said...

La passa... is beautiful!

travelinsewl said...

La passa... is beautiful!

Linda said...

I loved listening to your Podcast whilst I was cooking Easter dinner. Great to hear your lovely warm voice, just goes with your photo and the sort of colourful quilts you make. Your comment about how the strong colours of NZ have influenced your quilt colour choices resonated with me too. I realised that the colours I now choose for my quilts are so different from the paler colours I used in my original quilts. I have realised that since coming to NZ for such long periods each year my quilts have become SO bright! Hot pinks, oranges, lime green etc. I almost never use red either, except in my Rainbow quilts and as a binding for some of my scrap quilts.

Heather said...

I listened to this yesterday while quilting, and really enjoyed it, it was great to put a 'voice' to your blog and Instagram. Podcasts are ideal for listening too while sewing,

Heide said...

Congrats on the interview and podcast. Your work is beautiful. Love La Passa, but the Flower garden is just cheerful!I will have to listen to the podcast while I am sewing.

HeathersSewingRoom said...

How exciting as I will put it in my podcast list to listen to this week. Podcasts are such a great thing to listen to when you are working away in the sewing room.

Jenny said...

Congratulations!!! What a thrill to be interviewed.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

Cool! I will have to follow the links later and try to listen as I sew. I am sure it will be at least as much fun as the Penelope Keith audio book I have been listening too.