Tuesday 24 November 2015

My Gingerbread Village

It's getting close to Christmas and it's almost time to get my Gingerbread Village out again.

All of these beautiful houses were designed by The Victoria Sampler in Canada, and stitched by me.

I've now created a separate page on my blog with links to all my previous posts about this village. It's just under the cover photo and called "Gingerbread Village".

When I made my first gingerbread house back in 2012 I was worried about how I would assemble it. However, all the patterns have great instructions and colour photos so it really wasn't too difficult, but it did take time. The lid lifts off this house, so the inside had to finished beautifully too, with walls lined with fabric.

I made the Gingerbread Church in 2012 too. Although the stitching was a bit simpler on the church, attaching the steeple was difficult and I now realise I should have used a curved needle. I made sure I had one on hand for the Haunted House assembly in 2015.

my Gingerbread Church

During 2013 I stitched the Candy Cane Cottage, but the fine beading took a long time, so I didn't assemble the cottage until 2014.

Candy Cane Cottage

I made my Gingerbread Bakery in 2014. I learnt that the cardboard for the walls all needs to be symmetrical in order for the house to sit evenly on it's base.  Now I sit the pieces next to each other and compare lengths before attaching the fabric. I love that giant gingerbread man above the door, and the ladies baking the cookies.

the Gingerbread Bakery

I made the Gingerbread Haunted House in 2015.

Finishing the Haunted House has given me motivation to carry on with the next houses in this series. They are all beautifully designed and I love bringing them out at Christmas.

I hope to finish the Gingerbread Christmas Tree Etui before Christmas 2015.


Manuela said...

Your Gingerbread village looks great.
I like your haunted house.
Greetings, Manuela

Frances Meredith said...

Good enough to eat!

Her Indoors said...

I love your gingerbread village - so beautiful

Marian said...

Awesome!!! Just beautiful

Von said...

Wonderful stitching and assembling to create the VS pieces!! They are a real treasure!

Granny Maud's Girl said...

Goodness. These are a labour of love.
I have just realised that you would be the person to ask for help when I get around to trying to cover my first box in fabric. I have a box, fabric and glue and no idea. :) Wait for the sounds of panic as I glue the lid shut!

Kitty said...

Oh my goodness, these are gorgeous! The details are perfect. What lovely decor!

Carie @ Space for the Butterflies said...

Oh WOW! They're incredible and it must give you such pleasure to bring them out each year!

Mary Marcotte said...

I have a collection of houses that I bought or were given as gifts. I enjoy them, so I can imagine you must really enjoy pulling out your gingerbread village each year and thinking about making each one of the pieces. They are stunning and beautifully made.

Karen said...

How very unique and well done.