Sunday, 16 August 2015

Talking about la passacaglia

Some weeks ago Shirley Mooney asked me to join her in giving a talk to Capital Quilters Guild in Lower Hutt, New Zealand on Willyne Hammerstein's La Passacaglia quilt. 

Planning my next move

The addiction to this quilt is massive and world wide. Many of you will know that there is a Facebook Group for this quilt and I'm one of the administrators of that group. At the start of the year there about 40 members, and we now have 2,500 members with about 20 more joining every day. Just search Millefiore/la passacaglia English Paper Piecing and ask to join if you're interested.

I test out my plans before I cut, baste and sew them together

The same questions are asked by people wanting to make this quilt I.e. Fabrics, templates, papers etc. so we have decided to help.

Shirley and I are not experts, but by sharing what we have learnt along the way (including gadgets and techniques) we hope to either help and encourage those starting and to maybe introduce newbies to this wonderful English Paper Pieced quilt.

Just making double sure that I'm still happy wit this one

Venue is Waterloo School, Lower Hutt, New Zealand.  Saturday 29th August commencing 1.30pm. Visitors are very welcome.


Raewyn said...

I'm sure it will be a fascinating talk Wendy - I love what you are doing with this - hope the talk goes well.

margaret said...

I see this quit project popping up allover the place, so far have resisted the challenge, I feel it is just a little bit too fiddly for me, your blocks look wonderful and I am sure you will have more joining after your talk

Oops-Lah said...

I wish I could come! I love the colours you've chosen for your version of this quilt. By the way; are you making it the original or the bigger size?

Carol Q said...

like many others I wish I could be there Wendy. amazing how the FB group is growing. at least for us slow bones, we know we will still be in good company when many others have finished :) good luck with your talk, I know it will go really well. fancy doing a podcast? lol

Sandi said...

I hope you are able to share some of the photos of your talk...or at least some photos of the direction in colour you both are heading.

Have a wonderful time sharing your gems and pearls of wisdom!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said...

I love looking at your blocks and seeing the progress you've made. I'm sure your talk will be appreciated by all in the audience. Tips and tricks and lessons learned are always so least that's my experience. Good luck.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

The group has 2500 members! Wow! You can organise an exhibition when many of you have finished. I imagine the quilts would all look very different because of the fabric choices.

Bexter said...

You know, of course, that Willyne doesn't use EPP - she uses running stitch.

Ruth said...

That's fantastic Wendy i can see how this could be intimidating to start and a helpful guiding hand would make all the difference!