Thursday, 9 April 2015

2015 Finish a Long - Q2 goals

It's time to think about what I want to get finished in Q2. Mmm, so many options.

I'd already decided that 2015 was my year to work on WIPs and I'm going quite well so far. I finished all 4 items on my Q1 Finish a Long list, and although I have started some new projects, I am exercising restraint and not plunging into everything that looks appealing.

So Q2 - what's it to be?

1. Finish my crochet ripple blanket which is almost done. This blanket is about 1.7m tall so will cover me nicely in bed (yes - it's just for my side of the bed).  I still need to do a few more rows and then there are 3 rows of border right around it. I think the border will stop the sides from stretching so I do want to do a border.

2. Crochet another smaller blanket to have on my knees in the evenings - does that make me sound old?  Or just cold?  I think I might use a different pattern this time - maybe the Cosy Stripe pattern by Attic24. I'll also be using some different colours of the same wool I used above. I want to use up all the scraps, but also inject some new shades.

3.  Finish "Your Place or Mine?".  The long armer can't start work on it until Mid May, but I might have it back by early June, and that gives me time to put the binding and a label on it before the end of Q2 on 30 June.

4.  Stacks of Colour.  This one is a stretch goal, and probably not going to be achievable, but my thought is that if I write it here I will at least start on it this quarter. I want to hand quilt this quilt with Perle 8 in a water drops pattern - overlapping circles. That quilting pattern seems quite appropriate because it's been raining for 3 days now. It can keep me company as we go into winter.

I think that's enough for one quarter. Of course I've got a lot of other things on the go, but I don't think any of them will be finished by 30 June. I do aim to make progress on them though so some of them can join on my Q3 list and be finished by 30 September. I already know that my top priority for Q3 will be my Haunted House which simply must be ready for Halloween.


magistra said...

Everything looks so lovely! I was just thinking how unmotivated I was then I decided to read some of my blogs. And just seeing your pretty work has me all riled up again, ready to go find my crochet and finish my quilt! So thank you! Your quilt is amazing!

JanineMarie said...

What lovely projects you've laid out for finishing. Your ripple blanket is looking so pretty. I had to laugh that it's just for your side of the bed. I have an afghan on my side of the bed, too. (I hope to put it away in the next few days as it is finally warming up here.) My husband is not fond of it because it tends to pull the rest of the blankets to my side, too. I like the Cosy Stripe pattern, too. The instructions are so clear!

Anonymous said...

Your Place or Mine is epic, just epic. Amazing work.

Maryse said...

Good luck with all your finishes, can't wait to see "Your Place or Mine" ... :-)

HeathersSewingRoom said...

I am enjoying watching you progress through your list with such an interesting collection of items. Really impressed with your basket.

Lorraine said...

You are keeping up well with completing projects so far this year Wendy. The ripple blanket is great as are the others - lovely colours as always.

Katrina said...

Your projects are all wonderful eye candy!

Ruth said...

I'm quite taken with your Halloween project Wendy - will be fab and I've no doubt you'll have it ready for Oct if not sooner!