Tuesday 17 February 2015

A winner and lots of no reply comments

Nearly a month ago I started a give away for the Grow Your Blog event. Up for grabs were these purple fat quarter. Many of you left lovely comments telling me where you had been on holiday, thank you.  A surprising number of you know someone who has been to New Zealand.

But as I was reading all the comments I was quietly thinking that people must have finally got the message about no reply blogger status, because I wasn't getting any comments from no reply bloggers.

Then today when I went to do the draw. I went to my giveaway folder in gmail and thought 105 is quite a low number of entries for a give away, So I checked on Blogger to see how many comments had been made on this post and it said 173. Help! Where were 68 comments?

It turns out that I previously put some comments from a no reply blogger to spam, and now gmail thought every message from a no reply blogger was spam. I've now fixed that so it won't happen again.

About half of the no reply bloggers had included email addresses in their messages so I rescued those messages and included them in the draw. However, there still at least 30 people who I couldn't reply to and therefore didn't include in the draw.

If you commented on my blog and have not heard back from me you may well be a no reply blogger. If you're not sure please check out this post on Adrienne's blog.  Or you can leave a comment on this post asking me if you are a no reply blogger. I will answer on this post so you will have to come back and check again the next day.

After note - there are usually two reasons for someone being a no reply blogger. The method above helps those who have a google ID, and are no reply bloggers. The second group are those with Wordpress blogs. For some reasons wordpress users appear as no reply bloggers on blogspot blogs. Unfortunately blogger and wordpress show no interest in working on a joint solution to this problem, but most wordpress users know to leave their email address when they comment on blogspot blogs.

Anyway, onto happier news.  The winner of the giveaway is Her Indoors - a great name which makes me smile and think of UK comedies. Her Indoors lives in the UK and I have already sent her an email. Congratulations and thank you to everyone who entered.

I'm feeling better now thank you, and making great progress on v2.0 of my ripple blanket. Here's how it looks today. It's now at the point where it's warm on my knees as I crotchet. Some rows are variegated wool, others are plain.


Sheryl said...

Congratulations to Her Indoors. Your ripple blanket is gorgeous, the colours just so pretty.

The Crafty Creek said...

Hi Wendy, love your ripple blanket :-) my blog is on wordpress so I have tried allsorts to get round Bloggers block on Wordpress accounts, I've just tried to follow the instructions on the link you gave, so I would be grateful if you could let me know if it works, and whether it links to my e-mail only or also to my blog. Or am I still a NRB :-(
Thanks Margaret

Her Indoors said...

Thank you very much Wendy (and Sheryl S) - already looking forward to receiving my lovely prize in the post. Glad you are feeling better - your blanket is indeed looking gorgeous, as I predicted last night

Daryl @ Patchouli Moon Studio said...

Your blanket/afghan is so colorful and pretty. I knit a similar blanket pattern in mostly green for my grandson, but I think it would be great to use up all my misc. scrap yarn and knit a chevron afghan.

People who use something other than Blogger can't set their settings the way blogger does, so there will always be no-replys out there. As long as they leave contact info in their reply, that's what matters.

Jessica said...

I love your ripple blanket, so pretty!

Granny Maud's Girl said...

I could do with a ripple blanket right now. I am in Victoria and am cold for the first time in months! :)

Anonymous said...
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