Thursday, 23 October 2014

2015 Plans

As 2014 starts to draw to a close, I've been thinking about what I might like to make in 2015.  Yes, of course I'll finish 'Your Place or Mine?' first, but then what will I do?  Someone suggested I might get more done if I wrote a list, so here goes:

1. Most of you will know that I like complex challenges that test my brain, so yesterday I ordered this book from Paper Pieces.

I've always loved Kaffe Fassett's Millefiore fabric in blue (below), and the patterns in the book reminded me of this gorgeous fabric.  

Kaffe Fassett Millefiore Blue

I've met quite a few people on Instagram who are working on the la passacaglia pattern from this book. If you're not on Instagram, just google la passacaglia and look at the images. 

It's all paper pieced and hand sewn. Would you believe there are 2,400 pieces in it? A lot of people are fussy cutting their fabrics, so I've ordered acrylic templates too. 

Watch this space.

2. On a more modern note, I've also ordered the Moda Modern Building Blocks kit. The Fat Quarter Shop are currently sold out, but I'm still hoping to get it before Christmas. It comes in a lovely box and my husband can wrap boxes, so hopefully it will be sitting under the tree on Christmas morning. Is it OK to sew on Christmas Day?

I've ordered the fabrics too, but I intend to mix in my own fabrics as well. Again, lots of people are already making these and I've seen a wonderful variety of quilts. I don't even know if I'll do the biggest blocks as they are, I might try and resize them down and fit in a few more smaller blocks. Who knows at this stage.

3. I've just started receiving the free patterns for a Women of the Bible quilt and it will run into next year too.  I'm not at all religious, but I liked the idea of trying out lots of different blocks. It's run by www.littlequilts,com, although I think signups might have closed now.

Women of the Bible

Yesterday I made the first two blocks:

Eve - she deserves pink for being the first woman


They are quite big - 15" x 15" each. I decided to use my Denyse Schmidt fabrics that I bought at Spotlight recently. The blue block looks a bit busy, but I refuse to unpick or remake at this very early stage. I'll reassess when I've made more of them. 

4. Possum Magic - of course I'll continue working on the Possum Magic quilts too. That will run until about June. 

5. Then there's all the embroidery projects I want to do. I think I'll do another post about them another day.

The Bloggers' online Quilt Festival starts this weekend. I'm entering two quilts this time - my Trellis Crossroads and a Redwork Christmas that I haven't put on my blog yet. Here's a sneak peak: 

 I hope you're having fun wherever you are.


Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

I am really looking forward to the online quilt festival. And how neat to be looking ahead an planning already. :)

Juliann in WA said...

Wow! That book looks challenging. I am making the Moda sampler but using my stash. Just one block so far but it was 36"! I will check in on your quilt.

Serena @ Sewgiving said...

I love, love, love the idea of the Millefiore quilt ... I love having a quilt like that ticking away in the background whilst I'm working on other projects ... must finish my Farmer's Wife first :)

margaret said...

Plenty of goals here I have looked at the Milefiore book a good challenge and also the moda quilt, have ordered the pattern but have now cancelled the order maybe should change my mind. Women of the Bible looks good too I seen drawn to quilts using a variety of sized blocks. Love the Christmas hanging too oh you are so productive

margaret said...

popped over to little quilts and have signed up for this too thanks for sharing the web address Wendy

Oops-Lah said...

That is quite a list you've got there. One thing is for sure, 2015 won't be a boring year for you. I'm looking forward to seeing what you'll make from the Millefiori Quilts book, it looks intriguing. I like the Moda Modern Building Blocks although whenever I look at it, the Swiss flag is jumping out at me.

Wendy said...

Great projects! The millefiori quilts look amazing, I can't imagine all that hand piecing though! I'll enjoy watching you piece yours whilst not wanting to make my own! The Women of the Bible quilt looks interesting too, but I wonder why they decided to call it that? The name would put me off!

Ruth said...

Love your ambition Wendy - I'll definitely be watching this space and looking out for your redwork quilt in the bloggers festival!

Granny Maud's Girl said...

I don't think the blue of Rachel is too busy. It will work. Wait until the other blocks get added in ...
Millefiori!? Wow!