Thursday, 11 September 2014

A Halloween mini

Although my pattern for the gingerbread Halloween House hasn't arrived yet, I started to think about how I will display it when it's finished (which definitely isn't going to be for Halloween 2014).

I've seen lots of cute mini quilts about lately, so I thought I could make a little mini for it to sit on when it's done.

from Spotlight NZ - $5 each

 Halloween isn't really celebrated in a big way here, so most quilt shops here don't bother getting in special quilting fabric. However, I was driving past Spotlight today and thought they might have some Halloween fabrics. I popped in for a look and was really pleased that I did. They had these fabrics as fat quarters and also by the metre if you need more for something bigger.

Now I just need to browse the internet for a suitable pattern. I'm already thinking of how I can finish it off with a bit of hand embellishment in metallic threads!  Fun times ahead.


margaret said...

Here in the UK Halloween is not celebrated as much although last year more seemed to happen, it is not a time I like and I draw the curtains and turn the light off! How I loved spotlight when I visited Australia we have nothingt like it here

Yvonne @ Quilting Jetgirl said...

I really like the black and purple spider web fabrics and the grey with trees is fun, too! That sounds like a fun project!

Quiltineering said...

What a fun collection! Now I want to make a halloween quilt....