Sunday 17 August 2014

My Gingerbread Village

I was really thrilled to finish the Candy Cane Cottage and the Gingerbread Bakery today. That means I have four buildings in my Gingerbread Village, and will probably need a bigger table to display them all at Christmas time!

It was a beautiful calm day today, so I took them all outside for some photographs.
My Gingerbread Village
The buildings range in height from the smallest Candy Cane Cottage at 3.5" tall, to the church which is 10" tall.

The Gingerbread Stitching House was the first building I made back in 2012.

Gingerbread Stitching House

Then I made the Gingerbread Church, also in 2012.

Gingerbread House and Gingerbread Church

In 2013 I stitched the Candy Cane Cottage, but I didn't assemble it until now.

Candy Cane Cottage

And finally there's the Bakery which I received for Christmas 2013 and stitched in 2014.

Gingerbread Bakery

I made up a little design to put on the bottom of the earlier pieces, so people would know in years to come who made them.

However, my eyes were really sore by the time I was putting a base on the latest two finishes, so I didn't repeat the design this time. (It's very fine - one thread over one strand.)

The pattern didn't include bases for these two buildings, but I feel they keep the edges straighter, so I made up my own bases. They will also prevent the fabric coming loose if the sellotape gives out over time.

I've also made a couple of accessories along the way. The pin cushion is known as a biscornu. These are also from patterns by The Victoria Sampler. I just had to include the yummy beads which look like lollies.

Biscornu and scissor keep
These patterns are all by the very clever and talented Thea Dueck of The Victoria Sampler in Canada.
I used the recommended antique almond cashel linen which I ordered online from USA. I purchased the accessories packs because they included the lovely silk threads and unique beads. I used DMC B5200 because it's a brighter white than blanc.

Thea has announced that she's working on a Gingerbread Needlework Shop and will release the pattern in December. So I might just be ordering that one to go in my stocking this year
I hope you've enjoyed reading about this delightful village and looking at the photos.


margaret said...

your village is delightful, like you said the white you have used is brighter than the plain white an works very weill. I have admired Thea`s designs for a long time. Your 2 little pieces are lovely too

Oops-Lah said...

I'm sure you can't wait for Christmas to display your lovely village. And I can't wait to see the Needlework Shop, it will a lovely addition.

Helen@Till We Quilt Again said...

Wow! What detail with all the pieces, this is amazing!

Jules said...

Thank you foreshadows the process! It is so beautiful and whoever you pass it down to will thoroughly love it. I remember as a child my grandmother had made this beautifully detailed embroidery/beadwork of children playing in a garden. I could stare at it for hours discovering new details and fingering the beads! Thank you so much for the share!

Raewyn said...

Your village is gorgeous Wendy, such a lot of work, with all that detail on them! I look forward to seeing the Needlework shop!

The Cozy Quilter said...

What a wonderful little village you are constructing! You must have good eyes (or a good pair of glasses to make all those little stitches on that cloth. Your buildings will make a nice display at Christmas!

HeathersSewingRoom said...

What a great heirloom to have. These are definitely worth the effort of those tiny stitches and beads!

Serena @ Sewgiving said...

The cutest village ever!

Wendy said...

they look fantastic together. I love the candy canes made from beads. The biscornu is so pretty, nice piece of hardanger there!

Unknown said...

Very good skazochny lodges.
You can shemku last house, where that candy beads. Thank you!

Snowcatcher said...

I think this is the most stunning Christmas village I've ever seen. It's beautiful, and now with these close-up photos, I can really see the detail.

irenveren said...