Friday, 23 May 2014

A quick trip to Auckland and a concert

On Thursday I had to go to Auckland for work. It's about 660 km from Wellington where I live, but there are many flights each day between the two cities and it only takes 1 hour to fly. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, but Auckland has a larger population, so people frequently fly up or down for the day.

Ornament my mum made for me
  My meeting was at 2.30pm in the city, and when it finished at 5pm I met my mum and we went to the Michael Buble concert!! It was his very last concert in the current tour, and it was great. We both really enjoyed ourselves, and had a great time dancing and singing along.

Michael Buble concert in Auckland 22 May 2014
My mum and dad live in Auckland so I stayed with them after the concert. On Friday morning we went to The Ribbon Rose which is a great shop for embroidery and quilting supplies. We had a really good look at everything. I brought some Kaffe Fassett fabric (of course) and mum brought some threads. I'll use these fabrics in my centre block for a round robin I'm in called Possum Magic. We're a small group of new bloggers who live in Australia and New Zealand and we're setting up our own round robin. It's my first, so will be fun.

Fabrics for my Possum Magic round robin
After the Ribbon Rose it was off to the airport and time to fly home. I was home before the kids even got out of school.

While I was in Auckland my mum gave me this lovely ornament she'd made for me in my colours. The pattern is one of the Laura J Perin canvaswork designs that I'm doing in Christmas colours (click here to view mine), but I love it in purples too. Mum even put lots of little sparkly beads on it because I do like a little bit of bling.

So, it was fun week. Next week will be good too, because mum and dad are coming to stay with us, and I"m hoping to get lots of WIPs finished with mum here to help.

Voting is now open in the Bloggers Quilt Festival. I've had lots of lovely comments about my black and white tumbling blocks thank you. If you'd like to vote for it, I would really appreciate it. Thanks.


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

that is a lovely piece your mom made for you and so nice to go to a concert together - I love Michael Buble's singing - that is good it is such a short flight back and forth to the capital - New Zealand is a place I would love to see one day.

Lorraine said...

It sounds like a lovely combination of work and pleasure. I had not realized Wendy you lived in Wellington. I visited NZ many years ago and Wellington and Queensland were my very favourite cities. Cheers, L.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

I have lots of those rich blue florals, so I will be in good shape to tackle your Possum Magic round robin when it reaches me. Hurrah!

Julie said...

I always spend way to much money when I go to Ribbon Rose. I heard many good things about the Michael Buble concert.