Sunday, 9 February 2014

Knitting at the Winter Olympics!

I was watching the Men's Slopestyle Snowboarding from the Sochi Winter Olympics this morning, and was amazed to see one of the coaches knitting as she sent he snowboarder off down the course! He only paused knitting to give his boarder, Roope Tonteri from Finland, a high five, and then continued knitting as he set off.
knitting at the Winter Olympics
I guess the coach has an urgent need for another scarf while he's is in Sochi, but coming from Finland you'd think he already had plenty of warm clothes. Or maybe he's just discovered knitting and can't put it down, even for the finals at the Olympic Games! I can see that it's garter stitch, so maybe he is a beginner.

We waited for Roope Tonteri to do his second run to see if the coach was still knitting and he was. See how he's standing on the other side of him now, but still working those needles.

Update: After posting this I checked the internet to see if anyone else had noticed. It turns out that other members of the Finnish team will add to the scarf and it will be given to Finland's team for the summer Olympics in Brazil. You can read more about it in this article from the Wall Street Journal. The snowboarder thought it would be fun for the coach to knit at the starting line.

I love all the patchwork designs they've used for the signage and officials clothing at these Olympics. The ladies presenting the flowers to the medalists have lovely blue fitted jackets with white fur trim. Watch out for them if you're watching the Olympics.

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Wendy said...

that is so cool! Keep your eye out of other coaches doing EPP or crocheting up a baby jumper!