Wednesday 18 December 2013

Embroidered Christmas Gingerbread Village

Last year I started to make a gingerbread village which I will display each year at Christmas time. The designs are by Thea Dueck of The Victoria Sampler in Canada. Since I made these, Thea has also released patterns for a Candy Cane Cottage (which I'm currently working on), and more recently, a Bakery which I have ordered for Christmas. By Christmas 2014 I hope to have the Candy Cane Cottage and Bakery finished to add to my collection.

The Gingerbread Church

The Gingerbread Stitching House - the roof lifts off and sewing supplies can be stored inside. 

The house and church together.

This biscornu fits inside the Gingerbread Stitching House. I found the beads at a shop in Wellington and just had to add them because they look like lollies.

The scissor case is also part of the series.

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