Wednesday, 23 May 2018

Mum's Nearly Insane quilt

Have you heard of the Nearly Insane quilt? I hadn't until I stumbled across it on Frances Meredith's blog Fabadashery.   

A few years ago mum was considering making a Dear Jane quilt, but I convinced her that Nearly Insane was a better option.  (I can't remember why now, but I did.)

I helped mum to order the book, and she made her first few blocks.  Unfortunately she hasn't added many more since that initial start, but each time I go to Auckland we get them out and have another look at them.  She has added some tiny grandmother's garden type blocks, which may or may not make the final cut. 

We browsed through the book again, and decided that rather than trying to machine piece the 6" blocks, it would be easier to English Paper Piece the more intricate blocks. 

We studied Frances' blog again, and took note of some of the modifications she has made to her blocks. 
from Fabadashery blog

Mum bookmarked the blocks she wants to make next, and hopefully she might make a few more Nearly Insane blocks over the winter months.

We also had a play with Lucy Boston! Although mum hand pieced a quilt years ago after a class with Jinny Beyer, she hasn't done any hand piecing lately.  I'm becoming a bit of a convert, so I demonstrated how she could hand piece Lucy Boston if she wanted to.

EEP at the top, hand piecing at the front
 So that's another project started - for mum, not me. 

It rained quite a bit while I was in Auckland so I haven't got any pretty garden photos to share.  Here's a couple taken on my last day.

That's a reflection from the light, not a UFO

The tall tree is a Cabbage Tree - it doesn't grow cabbages. Cordyline australis


Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said...

I look at those pink blocks and think "six inches!!" Well, they are nice eye candy for me. You and your mum are very ambitious. It's a pleasure to see such beautiful work. Oh, yes, I know the pink ones are from the book.

Sue said...

Good luck on your new venture Wendy. It took me 5 years on and off before mine was finished. I remember 1 block took me 3 days on and off to finish, although I went at it top speed in the last 8 months. If you want a reminder of my Nearly Insane Journey...take a look. :-)

JudyC said...

The blocks do look like mini quilts and it's really insanely beautiful!

Kris said...

Fun, fun post!! I love the blue and white Nearly Insane blocks. I started this quilt years ago and I have no where near the number of blocks done your Mum has done!! Lovely!! And I have become addicted to the POTC blocks!!

anna said...

love seeing your work, always a pleasure.

Julie said...

I think I can see why they call it the Nearly Insane quilt, You and your mum must have a lovely time drooling over patterns and fabrics, then sewing together.

Granny Maud's Girl said...

I am nearly insane enough to want to make a nearly insane quilt. There was one at our local show a few years ago and it was beautiful.