Hand Quilting

I don't profess to be an expert, but people keep asking me about big stitch hand quilting. I wrote a few blog posts to explain what I do and here are the links:

1. Celebrate hand quilting - why hand quilting is still relevant.

2. Hand quilting threads - examples of the threads I like to use for big stitch hand quilting

3. Hand quilting designs - what patterns to use when you're hand quilting

I hope you find these posts interesting and useful.


Niki Jones said...
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Carol Viens said...

I love, LOVE your hand quilting. I am curious...how big are your stitches that you do with the perle cotton?? Most hand quilting I see is with thread and tiny stitches. I love the look of the big stitches, but am scared to start as I dont want them to be too long. Thanks in advance! (Love your blog as well!)

Barb Bee said...

I love your quilts and the handwork is my current thing. I lost my beloved tj lane thimble and am seeking an affordable replacement.
What would you recommend? I’m taping fingers now.. sad.